Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A really good Tuesday, for once

As I write this, my not-quite-4-month-old is lying on the couch next to where I'm sitting, pushing off of me with her feet and trying really hard to sit up. She can get herself about 3 inches off of whatever surface she's lying on. The kid is going to have 6-pack-abs by 6 months old at this rate.  I am not encouraging this sitting up thing that she's trying to do. Mommy does not have the energy for two mobile kids right now. She rolled over from front to back last week, a solid month after she rolled back to front.  Apparently babies are supposed to roll front to back first, so she's already doing things her own way, and who cares what the baby books say :)

We had a great morning today!  Last week when we went to get Vivian's Canadian citizenship card papers in, the person at the consulate looked at Daniel's citizenship card, which had scotch tape on the top and informed us that he needed a new card. So he had to go to the one very expensive photoshop in Seattle that does Canadian citizenship photos and get pictures taken this weekend, and I had to drop them off at the consulate this week.

So I loaded up the kids this morning and headed out into the beautiful, 68 degree morning. We rode the Seattle Monorail from the Space Needle to downtown. Ethan was in heaven, since he's obsessed with trains and the Monorail is a great train.  He gleefully starts saying "choochoo!" as soon as we get close to the Monorail area of Seattle Center.  We had a nice ride downtown, then dropped off the pictures at the consulate before heading to some nearby stores. Where the kids BOTH behaved well enough for me to find some cute shirts!  We capped off our outing by dropping by my office to pick up some work for me, before getting back on the "choochoo" to come home. 

I know we're low on space and high on mortgage here in our condo, but I so don't want to leave. I love that I can walk everywhere here and that I can just hop on a bus or the monorail with the kids and be right in the heart of downtown. I love the festivals and the parades and all the activities that we have close at hand.  We need to do some more purging, and probably break down and rent a storage unit if we're going to stay much longer, but I'm willing to do that.  I'm a city girl!


Lizzie said...

I agree that quick access to downtown is priceless. And being able to walk where you need to go is so nice.

Alissabeth said...

I hear you on the city-girl thing! I say it is doable!