Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Send sunshine

It's 50 degrees here today. And raining. And I haven't seen the sun yet today and it's almost lunchtime. This is definitely October in Seattle. I need to go get my full spectrum light and use it, but it's in the basement and that's just way too far away right now. This is not my happy time of year.

So I totally broke Ethan last week. After Vivian's dance class, we wanted to go get a treat with friends and the girls wanted cupcakes. Ethan started crying at this thought, since something on the walls of the cupcake place bothers him. I ignored this and took him along, as he sobbed and walked behind me. When we got in the store, he went and hid in the corner and cried. And then threw up everywhere while I was paying for a cupcake. I didn't react at first and the cupcake girl looked horrified. I'm just so used to him throwing up randomly that it didn't really register for a bit. And then I cleaned up the mess with bleach and the cupcake girl still looked horrified and was texting and I assume she is now never going to have children.

The girls ate their cupcakes and Ethan cried  more and then threw up again (thankfully in the bathroom this time) and we went home and he laid down and went to sleep and slept for 14 hours. And then was fine. And we are never going to the cupcake store again. I love the kid, but his issues are so random sometimes. It's hard to explain to people that my kid is essentially allergic to stickers and random wall decorations. So weird.

In other news, Vivian is showing some skills in the area of math. Which isn't suprising, given her family. We were counting coins the other day and she asked if she could count by tens and then keep tally of how many tens she'd counted, so she had a running count. I fear we may have another accountant on our hands (we already have MANY in the family).

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