Friday, September 4, 2015

The end of the summer.

My parents are in town and we took them up to Vancouver last Thursday so that they could say goodbye to Daniel's dad. On Friday, when we went over to see Daniel's parents, his dad was still alert and able to walk around the house. He was in some pain, but it was largely manageable. We all planned to come home Saturday, but on Saturday morning his dad was in more pain and his mom was exhausted, so we left Daniel behind (thankfully we'd gone up in 2 cars) and headed back to Seattle. Through an enormous wind storm. We got stuck in traffic, almost got hit by a falling tree, had to search for somewhere to eat that had power... eventful trip.

By Tuesday, Daniel's dad was ready to leave home and go to a hospice facility. Wednesday he settled in and had visitors. And by Thursday he was in extreme pain, had to be sedated and was largely unresponsive.  I think he's ready to be done, ready to go Home. Daniel went back up Thursday night and now the kids and I are packing and waiting for the call that says it's time for us to come up. My parents are still here, of course, but are heading home in a few days, so may be on their own at my house for a bit.

This has been the craziest summer of my life. I semi-joked that I need to show the kids pictures of Daniel because he's been gone so very much. I'm glad he's able to support his mom in this time though, she needs to lean on him. It's just incredible that his dad first went to the doctor because of a cough in June, had been told about his cancer by about the same time school let out for the summer and is likely going to pass away right around Labor Day. I've lost track of how many trips we've made up to Vancouver and Daniel has gone about twice as many times as we have. He's pretty much existing on coffee right now.

The kids are so far handling things well. We talk a lot about Grandpa not hurting anymore in Heaven and what a good long life he has led. Ethan gets a little emotional, but Vivian doesn't yet. She rarely gets emotional in general though.  Today I realized that Ethan's wardrobe consists of sweatpants, shorts and Minecraft shirts, so we had to make a quick trip to the store to buy something funeral-appropriate. The end is close.

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