Monday, September 28, 2015

In which my kids went back to school and it was a really good thing

This summer will definitely be one that sticks in my mind for a while. It was just endlessly LONG. I had deliberately not signed the kids up for any camps or anything particularly structured, which turned out to be a good thing, in light of the amount of time we spent up in Vancouver. And because Daniel needed to help out his family with things related to his dad's illness, he was away from us a lot. So it was mostly just the kids and I, together, day in and day out. And then my parents came at the end of the summer and entertained them. But then school didn't start because of the strike and my parents left and Daniel was gone and the kids and I were back to staring at each other.

All that to say, we really were happy when school finally started. Originally they were going to wear shorts and summerish clothes for the first day, but by the time school started, the weather had changed.

So far it's been an interesting adjustment to 2nd grade. It's definitely more academic and more structured than K or 1st grade were. Ethan seems to like his teacher though- he told me that she's very smart. And she was a reading specialist for many years, so hopefully she'll be able to help him make progress. He also has a new Resource Room (special ed) teacher who is being filled in on some of his quirks by his old Resource Room teachers. They aren't letting him get away with his little tricks. He still lives on another planet almost all of the time, but as a friend said to me, "It seems to be a nice planet. He seems happy there." So true.

Vivian has the same teacher that Ethan had last year. The teacher is very pretty and dresses very stylishly and she really likes Vivian, so it's been a good match so far. The teacher is also about to have a baby, which Vivian finds fascinating. Vivian's been playing with some of her friends from K at recess and is slowly making new friends in her 1st grade class. I went upstairs to pick her up one day last week and she still is the tiniest one in class. She's also probably the youngest. Ethan's the tiniest and the oldest in his class :) Poor short children.

On the Ethan front, we removed his feeding tube about a week and a half ago and the hole is almost closed up. He hadn't gained as much weight as his specialist wanted, but we also weren't using the tube anymore, so it was time. We had gotten off the "fatten Ethan up" train this summer with all the stuff going on, but we're in full fattening mode now. Chocolate peanut butter cups and potato chips all day! It's good to be him.

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