Monday, August 10, 2015

Ethan is Eight!

I'm sitting in my dining room trying to wrap my brain around the idea of my first baby being 8 years old. Not sure how that came about so quickly. It's not been a stellar birthday so far. 8:30 am found me scrambling to get dressed and move my car out of the driveway as one of the subcontractors for our bathroom arrived a day early. Then our contractors showed up and the house got loud and I had thing to do for work this morning, so that was all fun. I let the kids play Minecraft on their kindle while things were crazy and now they are crying because the battery on the kindle is dead and I said they need to do something else for a while and that they can't have it back as soon as the battery is charged.

Electronics are not my friend this summer and have been largely banned because EVERY time, playing with them ends up with crying and/or fighting. NOPE.

Anyway, that all to say that it hasn't been a very birthdayish birthday. But he did celebrate this weekend. His main birthday desire was for Vivian to go away for a while so he could play the Kindle in peace. Fortunately, one of her friends was celebrating on Saturday, so she and I went to the zoo and saw former kindergarten friends while he played. Then it was into the car and up to Vancouver for all of us, where he got to swim for a while, have sushi for dinner, cake with Daniel's family and TV before bed. So I feel better about today not being particularly birthdayish. There will be cake later, mostly for my sake in having gotten through today. :)

So, Ethan at 8.

We've managed to fatten him up pretty well this summer, thanks to a steady diet of chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes. He's actually on track to have his feeding tube removed in another month if we can keep up the weight gain! As of last week he was up to just under 41 pounds! Making progress!

Things he loves include- all sports, Minecraft, video games, comic books, and fighting with his sister. He still has an endless abundance of energy and happily stays up until late at night, just lying in his bed and talking to himself about video games. Or sports. His life goals are a bit contradictory- he either wants to grow up and be a professional athlete or just finish college and then play video games all the time. I believe he's still aiming to have at least 5 kids. It'll be interesting to see how he works all of those things out.

He has a few friends at church and at school, but the center of his life is his sister and they are pretty much lost without each other. Even though it's been a challenging summer with Daniel's dad's health and our bathroom remodel, it's also been a fun summer to listen to them interact and make up stories. Super Ethan and Super Vivian have been spending a lot of time defeating foes named Mac & Cheese or Poop & Pee.

My mom posted on Facebook this morning that she had an 8 year old grandson and my first reaction was to think "who is her 8 year old grandson?" And then I realized it was my kid. Which fits, because my reaction when I first met him took place when I was coming out of anesthesia from his birth and the nurse said "here is your son" and handed me a baby and I just laid there and thought "son? I don't have a son!". Before realizing that I, in fact did.

It's been a crazy 8 years, but I think I'll keep him. It's fun watching him mature and grow and develop his little personality. I can't wait to see what future years bring for us.

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