Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bike rides and the continued suckitude of cancer

Daniel rode his bike to Vancouver, BC this weekend. He's the type of person that finds it fun to ride his bike 200+ miles on the weekend. I worry about him. The ride went well though and he had fun chatting with other riders and he continued to be extremely fast at riding and said this ride went better than when he did it 15 years ago. He's in crazy good shape now, so I'm not surprised. It's been so great having him commute to work on his bike- all the biking has relaxed him and even got him off of 3 of the 4 medications that he was taking for his rheumatoid arthritis.

The kids and I dropped him off at the start line at 6 am on Saturday morning, where I gave him a hard time about the fact that, out of the hundreds of riders there, we were the only family with small children up that early and in tow to the start line. Then we came home and I napped and the children, being small children with endless energy, did not nap, but did something with electronics. We spent the afternoon at the world's loudest new play area and ate sushi and finished the first Harry Potter movie. Then I tried to sleep on the tiniest piece of my bed that was not occupied by Vivian or a cat.

She also stole all my blankets and left me with just her princess sheet. She's so generous. 

Sunday we got up and somehow got the car loaded and the house ready and made it to church only about 5 minutes late, which I took as a great success. I haven't sat in the church service at our own church in months, thanks to travel and teaching the preschool children's church, so it was lovely to be back for the service. 

And then we drove to Vancouver and eventually met up with Daniel at the finish line of his ride and met his friends and then headed to meet up with his parents for dinner.

A week. It had only been a week since we last saw his dad and the decline was shocking. He's losing weight rapidly and now is in pain in his bones (the cancer has spread there). The doctor is concerned that the cancer has spread to his liver as well.

We've been up there almost every weekend and had planned to stay home this coming weekend, since we're heading up with my parents in just over a week. As we drove home last night though, I knew Daniel couldn't stay away this weekend. It's hard to be helpless to make things better, and I know it helps Daniel to be there and doing things for them like running errands or moving furniture. I sorted his dad's medications into pill boxes yesterday and felt better about it, just DOING something to help. 

On our way out Daniel's mom was giving the kids big hugs and then she was standing by the door chatting with me (we don't chat a lot) and I am kicking myself today for not giving her a hug, because I could tell she needed one. We are not a hugging family- she's hugged me something like 3 times in the 11 years I've been around and they never hug each other. Next time, for sure. 

I don't want to adult anymore. 

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