Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bathroom remodel

Our main bathroom is currently ripped out down to the studs.  There is an electrician in there now wiring things. Our contractor is worried that the lighting we chose wont work well for me putting on my makeup.  He can clearly see that I do not actually wear makeup and I keep pointing this out, but he still seems concerned. Oh, and the sink that we chose and purchased and assembled with the cabinet is too big.

My husband is not answering his phone. He is in meetings or something. This bathroom remodel is his project, but I'm the one who has to make on the spot decisions. I dislike this intensely. I'm also the one who has had to keep the kids busy all week so that they do not impale themselves on power tools. I have no idea where one of our cats is.

Might I suggest not doing a major remodel at the same time as dealing with a close relative with a terminal illness? We're a little on edge.

And then I went upstairs and found that Vivian had gotten marker on the couch. With the markers that I repeatedly asked her to not take upstairs.  That resulted in her being disciplined (I threw the markers away) and then she threw a massive temper tantrum. I'm sure the electrician is very impressed by my parenting skills.

I can see why home improvement projects get expensive. Once you're into it, you'll do anything just to get it done and functional.  I do not even care at this point, and we're only on day 4.

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