Friday, March 27, 2015

Tomorrow is my birthday. This is a very important fact for all to know.

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm turning 38.  It seems like a nice number, so I'm okay with it being so close to 40. I'm a big fan of even numbers. Although, it's been pretty funny with Ethan learning about even and odd numbers and him realizing that we all are at odd number ages.  He goes around saying "we're all odd!" To which I reply "yes, yes we are."  A little math humor gets me through the day.

I was thinking about my birthday this week. Not so much just the presents and celebration. I think about that year round. But being in my late 30s.  I've also been thinking a lot about my increasing crop of very grey hair.  I have so much now that, on my last visit to my 88-year-old grandmother, she looked at my hair and exclaimed "Wow! You have a LOT of grey hair!"  This is the same grandmother who, after we spent days in the hospital trying to have Ethan, and I ultimately had a c-section after 4 hours of pushing, asked why I couldn't have just waited 2 more hours so that he would have been born on her birthday. She makes me laugh. I'm awfully glad to still have her around.

Anyway. So I have a lot of grey hair and I'm turning 38.  I've decided to embrace these things.  As I was telling a friend at the park yesterday, I was a late bloomer in terms of self confidence and self acceptance. I had a perfectly nice experience in high school with good friends. We weren't popular, but we were accepted and liked. When I went to college, I got fairly significantly lost in a relationship and it took me a while to climb back out from where I sank to after that relationship ended. But then I spent a summer in Ukraine and later moved to a different part of Ukraine to live for a year. Living alone in a country on the other side of the world gives one a lot of time to figure out things about oneself.

And then I came home and moved to Seattle and went to grad school and got established in a career and made friends and had tons going on. And then I met Daniel and we fell in love and moved and had Ethan and then had Vivian and moved again. So here I am, turning 38 tomorrow.  I have a husband who is my best friend, two fairly well-behaved and adorable children, a house that I love, good school for my kids and the most fun job I could ever imagine having. I have social causes that I care deeply about and a church that encourages my faith. I like me. Yes, I'm excessively round and try to avoid speaking to other human beings for the majority of my day. But I've come to accept my quirks and foibles.  They make me me.

Because you care, random facts about me.

Jobs I have held: Babysitter, college library employee, college admissions department employee, EMT, receptionist at an eye doctor office, animal testing technician, missionary, telemarketer (seriously, this is where my hatred of the phone comes from), customer service rep, grad student, toxicologist, mom, grad student, travel writer. One of these days I should figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

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mona said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday! Happy birthday Carrie!