Friday, March 6, 2015

Kindergarten and first grade are complicated!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen some of the math problems that Ethan has been assigned. I'm not kidding, some of them have flat out asked us to solve for A and B. We're talking algebra, people. Then the next week will be standard addition problems and I can breathe again. I'm not struggling to do the problems myself, but explaining it to Ethan is an entirely different story. Just hoping to not mess him up too bad. Then there's the mindnumbing horror of their reading homework. Ethan's reading at a mid-first grade level and Vivian at a mid-kindergarten level. We sit down to work on homework and I say that I want them to both read 2 or 3 books, but usually am curled up in the fetal position and wondering if it's too early for a shot of vodka after only one book.  "THE WORD IS OF! IT'S THE SAME AS IT WAS ON THE LAST SIX PAGES! OF!! OF!!!" (Fortunately that screaming is usually confined to the interior of my brain).

But having a boy go through school first, I missed out on the interpersonal drama that comes with having a daughter. I knew it started early- Vivian had some issues with being bullied in preschool. And most of my friends last year had daughters in Ethan's class, so I knew there was an issue with popular kids and cliques and stuff like that. But Ethan's fairly oblivious to anything except running around and kicking a soccer ball or catching a football. As long as he has a ball or people to run with, it's a good day at recess.

Vivian has been coming home this week and telling me stories of the kids meeting up in groups at recess and having conversations about adult things, like kissing. She tells me that they are all a little concerned that kissing is involved when people get married. But then she also tells me that they were trying to get one of the little boys to kiss another little girl. And then yesterday she came home and told me that another classmate kissed her twice.

Oh, and she also has been telling me that her closest friend now has rules and steps for Vivian being her friend and that Vivian is no longer her friend because she hasn't met all the rules and steps yet. Vivian is not upset by this at all.

I just didn't know how grateful I should be for having one kid who exists pretty much totally outside of any social interactions and is more or less completely fine with that. All of this drama with 5 year olds!

I did email the teacher this morning to keep her in the loop with the kissing issue and had several conversations with Vivian about appropriate behavior and standing up for herself if someone is making her uncomfortable.

I'm just not even going to let myself think about middle school and high school yet to come.

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Anonymous said...

5 was the age that my daughter started coming home talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. More than one at a time too! I was horrified that there was so much adult stuff going on but I did draw the line when it turned into kids putting hands down each other's shorts and went and chatted to the teacher about that one. So much to worry about. Luckily this year she is in a different class to the ringleader of all that but there's still conditions placed on friendships (ie if you tell on me you can't be my best friend anymore - eeek!). My daughter is still happy at school so I guess I should be greatful for that.