Thursday, February 26, 2015

My cat keeps hogging the heater

It got down to 50 degrees here in Seattle and the sun went back behind its normal February clouds, so I've spent the past day and a half huddling in front of my space heater and quietly whining to myself. And every so often I notice that, despite the space heater being on and only a few feet away, no heat is getting to me. And I usually then look over and see this.
And then I yell at her, because she has a fur coat on already and I am COLD and then she stares at me blankly and then I try to rationalize with her and then she turns away from looking at me and settles down in front of the heater for a long stay.

I need to talk to more actual human beings during my day.

Things that I have done while I was not here. Spent a lot of time with a headache. Everything is in bloom here already, meaning spring allergies in the middle of winter, meaning sinus issues. Dislike. Spent a day down at the state capital building speaking with various state representatives about abolishing the death penalty. Almost went into a meeting with one of them with my skirt tucked up in my underwear. Good times. Oddly enough, while down at the capitol, I was sitting on the steps inside the building and eating a free baked potato, provided by the state potato lobby, when a childhood friend whom I haven't seen since my wedding walked past.  Totally random. Free potatoes bring people together!

Celebrated one of my best ever Valentine's Days with Daniel and the kids on a local beach on a 65 degree day with gorgeous views.

Celebrated Chinese New Year with friends and with these two.

Went to a Beth Moore conference. It was really good and I got a lot out of it. But I did have to gaze directly into the eyes of another woman and repeat a bunch of stuff that Beth made us say and I've barely recovered from the last time we had to do that when my church was doing another one of her studies. Introverts beware! 

Celebrated mine and Daniel's 9th wedding anniversary. He took the day off work and we hung out in downtown Seattle. We couldn't get up to the room where we got married this year (it's closed for renovation) to take our annual picture, but he brainstormed and we went to a taller building and took a picture looking down on Smith Tower. On a side note, we have a terrible time taking selfies. I think we're just too old.

Today, while freezing in my living room, I am setting up review trips to various beach resorts for other people. And working on a client report about previous beach trips that various coworkers have taken. This is not an ideal activity on a grey Thursday.  But, no snow here this year, so I can't complain too much. 

The cat fell asleep and is now blocking less of the heater, so I like her a bit better now. 

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