Monday, January 19, 2015

Insane football games and whiny children

I think the stress of the Seahawks/Packers game somehow broke Ethan. He's in fine form with the whining and the crying today. Despite a playroom full of toys and a bedroom full of stuffed animals, he has declared that he has absolutely nothing to do other than wrestle with his (80 year old and rather fragile) grandfather. We opted to not let him do that, so he's whining and crying.

Seriously, that football game yesterday? I finally ended up hiding in the living room while the rest of my family watched in the family room.  So I missed all of the crazy plays and had to watch the recap later on in the evening. Couldn't take the stress of it all. And apparently, me leaving was some sort of sign for the Seahawks to play well, since they started scoring as soon as I left the room. You're welcome, Hawks fans.

Thankfully, my 13-month old niece (she's not actually my niece, but she's as close as I'm going to get) also had no interest in football, so we had a blast playing in the living room. She actually cried when I left after the game was done. I'm relatively certain that she likes me better than my own children do. 

Last night was Vivian's turn for a total meltdown after our long day. She declared that she couldn't sleep alone in her bed and accused me of loving Daddy more than I love her when I opted to sleep in my own bed with him instead of on the floor on her twin mattress with her. Did I mention that my in-laws are here for all of this fabulous kid behavior?

In totally random news, I served avocado slices as a side dish last night. My mother-in-law wasn't sure what she was looking at, and when we translated it for her, she mentioned that she'd never eaten one before. She gamely tried it and even took a second helping. Cross cultural education through food! Being a part of a mixed culture family definitely has its entertaining moments- you never know when something so basic to you will be a total novelty for someone else!

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