Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm considering running away to join the circus

My kids were especially loud this morning and then I went and dropped them off at school. And sat quietly in the hallway and cut out ears for the paper teddy bear headbands that the kids are going to wear for their Valentine's Day party. I kind of love sitting quietly in the hallway at school and mindlessly cutting things out. Makes me feel productive, unlike the endless piles of laundry and constantly dirty floors at home. And then I went and helped out in Vivian's not-at-all-quiet classroom and the kids were especially loud in there too. I blame the weather. It's been unseasonably warm here and we're all getting spring fever. Unfortunately, it's only January.

I got an email from Ethan's teacher and special ed teacher yesterday, giving me a heads up about more problems that they are having with him in class. I had to wait a while to reply because what I really wanted to write was "sorry my kid is such an absolute pain-in-the-butt lately", but that seemed like a poor parenting choice. But he kind of is.  He has the memory span of a forgetful gnat and feels that he needs to be helped with everything. Unfortunately, even though we try to get him to be independent and do things for himself, he's got Vivian convinced to do most things for him at home, and then that translates to helplessness at school. So we have to add that to the LONG list of things we're working on with him.  He's a sweet kid. I wish that everything in life wasn't such an uphill battle for him.

And today in V's class, I noticed that she's one of the lowest readers in the class. Nothing problematic, but I feel I could be doing more with her, but I'm totally burned out after I deal with Ethan and his stuff. She's doing fine though, and she is one of the youngest in the class and I need to not stress out. I don't typically struggle with mom guilt, but it's been rearing its ugly head lately.

I love my kids and I enjoy spending time with them and seeing how their brains work and laughing at the funny things they come up with. But they've been challenging lately and I'm tired.

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