Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving break nearly did me in. I don't even want to think about Winter break.

The kids were off school all week last week. That's how they do it here in Seattle for the elementary school grades- no school and conferences on the weekend and during the week. We did both kids' conferences last Saturday, so no need to set foot in the school for over a week.

Both kids are doing pretty well at school. Vivian, being Vivian, required what may be the world's shortest conference, since she's doing well and making friends and has absolutely no issues. Ethan's conference, since it involved Ethan, was a bit more complicated and involved multiple people. But he's making progress and it was generally all good news. His teachers have figured out how to harness his insanely competitive spirit and use it for their own purposes.  He's a funny kid- things do not come to him easily, but he doesn't notice that. He's pretty sure he's the best at everything that he does. No problem with self confidence in that kid!

Having a week off for Thanksgiving sounded like a good idea at the beginning of the week, but by yesterday afternoon I was about to lose my mind.  Nine straight days of being around LOTS! OF! RELATIVES! was too much for me.  Thankfully Daniel and the kids went ice skating and I sat on the couch in the quiet with my book and all was right with the world.

We spent Thanksgiving proper down in Portland with my family there. We generally stay put, since Daniel never seems to have Friday off work. But this year we went down on Tuesday and saw friends that evening and spent Wednesday with my grandmother and then had early Thanksgiving dinner with my grandmother and uncles and assorted cousins and significant others and then we drove back to Seattle that evening.

And then this morning I leaped out of bed and bustled the kids into their clothes and out the door and then grinned broadly when the first bell rang at school and shoved them towards their teachers and practically sprinted out of the school. School days are a lovely thing.

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