Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pulling out loose teeth is gross

Ethan has had a loose tooth forever. FOREVER.  It's at the point where not just Daniel and I were begging him to let us pull it out, but friends of ours as well. It just sat there in his mouth, pointing out at a funny angle, keeping him from eating with the front of his mouth (even though we kept telling him to chew with it to hopefully get it to come out already!) I tried bribery and threats of the tooth fairy running out of money.  Daniel kept trying to wiggle it loose during teeth brushing time.  NOTHING worked.

Yesterday he came down the stairs at school and said "I think my tooth fell out!" No such luck.  It was still there, but now it was bleeding.  So he was walking around with that tooth still in his mouth and now was bleeding profusely as well.  Fun times.

So we walked to the car and he kept trying to convince me that it had stopped bleeding and that he was fine (it hadn't).  I suggested that he keep wiggling it with his tongue, but he informed me he didn't know where it was (thanks to his SPD, he doesn't feel stuff like a normal kid and his mouth issues are particularly strong and the reason for all of his feeding issues. But anyway).  So he couldn't wiggle it and I wasn't going to take him to the park with a bleeding mouth, so that meant Mommy had to do something.

In the end I had to convince him to let me touch his tooth and bribed him with Mario Kart playing time if he would not bite me in the process and after a couple of tries, I pulled the tooth out.  And he was ecstatic and said "that wasn't so bad! You can pull out all of my loose teeth!" And I was trying not to gag/throw up/faint because it was so gross and such a weird feeling and I'm not even at all squeamish but NEVER AGAIN. ICKKKKKK.

And I just realized that I never blogged about Halloween and oh my goodness it's the middle of November and where is this year going!

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