Friday, September 5, 2014

It is very quiet in my house

So.  It's day 3 of school and I'm still trying to get used to my super quiet house.  And trying to recover from what's been a crazy few weeks prior to the start of school. My parents arrived and then left the next day with the kids for my grandmother's house in Portland. Daniel and I followed on the weekend and joined them for my family's first ever family reunion, at which I met distant cousins and watched my kids play with their third cousins and saw some old grudges being laid to rest among the older generations and generally had a great time. Then Daniel and I came home the next day and my parents took the kids to Walla Walla to see my aunt and I enjoyed two days of kid-free time at home.

And then they came back and we went places and did stuff and saw the family here in Seattle and were generally busy and then this happened:

And I got all sniffly because losing a front tooth is such a grownup kid thing to do and STOP GETTING SO OLD!!! And they did not listen to me, because then on Wednesday this happened:


Ethan's liking his first grade class so far, although he's a little disturbed by the amount of actual schoolwork that they are doing.  Vivian likes her teacher and has so far managed to avoid talking to any other children. I believe that is her goal for the first month of school. This does mean that she actually eats her lunch at school though, unlike her brother who is far too busy talking to consume any food. 

I'm home now with a long to-do list and a messy house and two big articles that are due in just a few weeks and oh, I'm going to Cancun for the weekend at the end of the month.  So far today I've worked on those things absolutely not at all, because I needed to nap and then play on Facebook. Using my time wisely, as always.

They're just going to keep growing up, aren't they? Not entirely ready for this.

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