Monday, August 18, 2014

The last quiet day

Tomorrow we have Kindergarten assessment testing for Vivian and get to hang out at the car repair place and get new tires put on the car (we are exciting!), because on Wednesday my parents arrive and then will be taking the kids off on a couple of trips to visit family starting on Thursday... and my kids will be run all over the place and will have so much excitement and fun and playtime with grandparents and then they start school three hours before the grandparents fly away.

All that to say, my kids are going to have a lot going on the next few weeks. So today is their last quiet day of summer vacation. As much as I hate just hanging out around the house all day, that is exactly the plan.  Vivian's been running a fever at night the past few days and Ethan's just generally grouchy, so I'm hoping that some quiet time today will help both of those situations. Much vegetating on the couch!

As for me, I have cleaning to do and final school supply lists to check and packing for my kids and also sitting around and wondering, yet again, how it is possible that I am going to have two kids in school in a few weeks. Vivian's not going to have the same teacher as Ethan, since his teacher moved up to another grade, but she will be in the same classroom, which is kind of weird. Her teacher is new to the school and it's really strange to me that the kids and I know more about the classroom than she does.  :) This also means I get to spend another year standing in the exact same spot in the hallway waiting to pick up my kindergartner. But this time without Vivian in the hall to keep me company (sniff!)

Laundry calls...

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