Thursday, July 10, 2014

The heat has melted my brain

It's been 80 something here lately, which has melted  my brain, since it's usually 80+ inside by the end of the day. My very longsuffering husband has graciously accepted the fact that this weather makes me even more unlikely to cook dinner than usual and willingly eats the things I suggest. "Leftover halfeaten soggy pancakes!" "A bowl of cheerios!" "An only vaguely moldy cucumber!"  I am clearly someone who should be nominated for wife of the year.

We're actually going to be traveling to hotter places soon, but in Portland we stay in my grandmother's basement which is nice and cool and then we're going to a resort for a few days that's in the desert and will be super hot but has pools and air conditioning. 

Tonight we pick up Daniel's packet for the STP. This means that I have to set foot in REI, which makes me a little itchy, but they are giving out beer and wine samples, so I will push through my fear.  There's also some mention of a bike repair shop, but I have been promised dinner out at the end of the evening. Then late tonight my husband's best friend arrives and tomorrow it's all the carbo loading and final prep for their big bike ride this weekend.  And Saturday morning I get to get myself and the kids up at 4 AM and drive the guys to the starting point of the race. So that's going to be fun.

I'm a little nervous about this whole thing. Especially since it's supposed to be close to 100 degrees on the second day that they are riding. I will see them at the halfway point, but then not again until another friend drops of Daniel on Monday morning. Because the end of the trip is going to be the part that they're really looking forward to- driving the best friend's brand new Ferrari.  I can barely type that without rolling my eyes, because I am not a car person and the amount of money that the best friend has spent on cars lately is staggering. BUT. He is wealthy and responsible with his money and has tons of money to spare and has worked enormously hard to get where he is. So, he deserves to have fun.  And that means Daniel can drive a fancy car and then picture that while driving our battered Mazda around town. 

And I have one million and five things to do today and tomorrow to get ready for the traveling and for the neighbor to take care of the cats and hopefully all of that will keep my mind off my husband riding his bike 200 miles.  Pray for him if you remember.  

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