Thursday, July 17, 2014

In which my husband kicks the butt of 200 miles of road. And in which the road kicks back a little.

This is Daniel and his best friend (whom we shall call D2) in this post, at 4:45 in the morning on the first day of the STP bike ride.
And this is Daniel at D2's house in Portland the next afternoon.
He rode 204 miles and is still smiling.  I sometimes worry about him.

So, at 4 AM this past Saturday I got up and dragged two kids out of bed and fretted a bit and made coffee for the guys and fretted a bit more, then got everyone in the car and over to the university where the guys had dropped their bikes the night before. And then I hugged them and left and on my way out passed the LONG lines of cars dropping people off and felt very happy that we had gotten there before the rush.

D and D2 were in the 7th wave of riders taking off and left around 5:30. I heard from D2 a few times on messages and the pictures he sent showed everyone looking happy. And when the kids and I were playing at the Olympia Children's Museum (recommend SO highly!), Daniel called to say that he was at the halfway point where they would be spending the night. And he mentioned that there may have been a little crash and that he was a little scraped.

Ha.  He's missing the skin from a good portion of his arm, his hip and his leg.  It's pretty awful looking, but seems to be healing.  It'll take a while though. Fortunately, D2 is a doctor and specializes in skin stuff, so he knew how to patch Daniel up. And fortunately I had sent them a first aid kit and had included the things they needed. 

Daniel's bike was amazingly untouched and since Daniel wasn't irreversibly damaged, they still planned to continue on day 2. So I hugged them goodbye again and continued on my way to Portland and my grandmother's house. 

And then I went to church with my grandmother and we had lunch and I fretted some more because they were about an hour behind the pace of the day before, but they finally got to Portland and I drove to D2's house to see them. There was no way I was dragging 2 kids to the finish line. 10,000 people participated in the race plus there were helpers and spectators and no.

Daniel had trained so hard for this race and it totally paid off.  D2 kept mentioning how fast Daniel was riding and how he (who would normally be faster than Daniel) couldn't keep up and how Daniel was riding with the seriously serious bikers. On day 2, Daniel ended up leading the pack of the people he was riding with for a while (and I don't know what that means exactly) and that was apparently the high point of the experience for him.

It's fun to see my husband so lit up with success. He succeeds at work all the time and a lot of things come easy to him, even in athletics, but he trained hard for this and ended up doing so very much better than he could have imagined.

People keep asking me if I ever am interested in riding with him, and I think not, after seeing his scrapes and scratches. Maybe I'll change my mind later if supplied with a cute enough bike and helmet, but not for a few years yet.

And then we went to Sunriver and melted. And Ethan ended up with heat exhaustion because we let him play in outdoor bouncy houses in 90 degree weather and we're from Seattle and heat exhaustion didn't even occur to me to be a thing. But I knew what it was (I used to be an EMT) and we got him in a cool bath and water quickly and he stopped being pale and vomiting and went back to jumping off of furniture and the walls pretty quickly. And Vivian went to kids' day camp by herself without her brother there as a buffer and she did great and she gained confidence as well.  So we all win.

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