Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday randomness

I'm supposed to be editing a major article that I have due in two days.  I'm 90% done, but have reached the point where I can't stand reading my own writing anymore, so had to walk away for a bit. I despise editing my own writing.  It's just the worst. 

1) Two more days of school after today.  Tomorrow is the kindergarten celebration.  I have to bring appetizers. The party is at 8:40 in the morning, so I am unsure what sort of appetizers to bring. I am generally against breakfast, so the concept of eating anything that early baffles me.

2) I'm feeling old for really odd reasons. First, I've started appreciating naps this year.  I never have appreciated naps. Didn't like to nap as a kid. Didn't nap in college, didn't nap when I had brand new babies. Now I nap on occasion.  This makes me feel old. The second thing that is making me feel old is that I am enjoying eating avocados.  Just in their plain form, with a little salt.  My kids are horrified by me eating some weird green mushy thing.  I used to feel as they did.

3) Yesterday I had to wear my fleece tights because it is so darned cold here in Seattle in mid-June. But it had been a while since I wore them, so I forgot about their inability to resist the lure of gravity. I spent a lot of time walking around Target yesterday, trying desperately to keep them at some sort of appropriate level. Fleece tights have been banished from my wardrobe now. Perhaps it will actually stop being cold soon so that tights are unnecessary?

4)  I have zero plans for my kids for the next few weeks.  And probably wont do anything to change that, except schedule a few playdates here and there. I have big plans for us not to have to get up early most days. That's about it.

5) My kids haven't gone to school with combed hair for weeks now. Fortunately it's not too visible with Vivian's current haircut. Ethan looks like a little ragamuffin though.  I just cannot care at this point in the year. CANNOT.

Okay. Back to editing.

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