Monday, June 9, 2014

Macaroni and cheese days

Four days left. Four days with just my baby and I at home during the day.  I've been home alone with her most days since Ethan started school at 3 1/2 years old.  It's just been she and I. Hanging out, reading books, shopping, wearing tiaras and curtseying to each other.  Vivian was always a little grownup, so having her home with me has been more like hanging out with a very short friend, especially for the past year or so.

And now the school year is almost at an end and we only have a few days left with just Vivian and I before her brother comes home to join the fun. I'm glad to have him around. He's a handful at this age and you definitely never forget that he's in the room, but he's a sweet kid and we're excited for the summer. It's just different when he's around. 

But, Vivian goes to school for another 6 weeks, so on the two days per week that she's gone, it'll just be Ethan and I.  We haven't had much quality time together lately.  And honestly, Vivian was born when he was so young that a lot of the one on one time went away pretty quickly.  I look forward to doing things that Ethan thinks are fun and seeing what he's like without his sister around.

Still, I'm a little sad these days.  Both at the idea of my little friend going to school and also because of what it symbolizes. I'm almost done with being a mom with little ones under foot. I'm going to have 2 school-aged kids in a few months.  I can see why people keep having babies.  Side note- NOT a possibility in this situation. 

So I'm spoiling her rotten for these last few one on one days that we have.  Saying yes to a lot of requests. Especially her requests for mac and cheese for lunch.  That was my favorite food growing up and its hers and there's something so great about whipping up a box and sitting and giggling with her at the table as we munch on our noodles.  I'm going to miss these lunches.

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