Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday quick takes

1) Yesterday we went to the zoo to see the new cheetahs. The cheetahs did not get the memo that they were the stars of the show and just laid around in the grass at the very back of the exhibition and looked unamused by the whole thing.  I do love cats. 

2) It's 80 something here today.  Which means that I spend all of my time outside darting from one patch of shade to another.  I'm sure I look ridiculous. 

3) Most days I argue with Vivian about being appropriately dressed for the weather. She tends to want to wear sleeveless dresses and short skirts in the cold weather and has to have leggings and sweaters added on by me.  This week it's 80, so she dressed herself in long sleeves and leggings.  Of course.

4) It looks like Ethan is going to summer school this summer. Did you know they even HAVE summer school for kindergarteners?  I did not. Vivian goes to school through July already, so it doesn't affect any of our plans. And he is finally starting to make a tiny bit of progress, so they don't want him to revert backwards.  I just want him to get off level A books before I go completely insane from them. 

5)  Vivian now officially outweighs Ethan.  The poor kid is going to be still in a 5 point carseat when he learns to drive. 

6) Vivian is going through an old camera and is finding pictures of me and the kids and they are my tiny babies and so cute! Who turned them into grownup kids?

7) Speaking of kids, Vivian decided the other day to stop sucking her thumb.  And then she stopped.  Potty training was exactly the same way.  I just hope she keeps using her powers for good and not evil.

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