Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's apparently Thursday again

People. T?oday.  Ugh.

So, I dropped Vivian off at school this morning and mentioned in passing that she was upset about something a couple of other kids had said to her last week. A mean comment that they couldn't play with her because they didn't like her shoes.  And the teacher informed me that the issue wasn't just with Vivian, that these girls have formed sort of a mean girl clique and have even been speaking rudely to the new teachers.  These girls are 3 and 4 years old. My 4 year old is dealing with mean bullying behavior. 

Earlier this year we were having a playdate with one of the girls from Ethan's class and her mom mentioned that they were having popular girl issues and cliques in the kindergarten class and I was horrified to hear that mean girl behavior was going on with 5 year olds.  I just don't even know how to wrap my brain around the fact that it's even younger.  Horrified and heartbroken for my kids. 

Vivian's so sensitive already.  She told me last week that she would just play by herself at school and maybe follow the other girls around in case they decide they like her again.  How does a mom deal with that sort of comment? 

Today also has sucked on the Ethan front.  He randomly started limping again on Tuesday and it was bad enough that his physical therapist and school nurse called me Tuesday and then again yesterday. So I took him to the doctor today and she is mystified.  It's likely another bout of toxic synovitis, like he had 2 years ago. He's not in pain (but Ethan doesn't feel pain like a non-sensory kid would), but he's just walking oddly.  No 5K for him this weekend, which makes me sad, as I was looking forward to doing it with the family this year.

I really wish I could just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head today.

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