Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I need a substitute adult.

It's summer here in Seattle, which means that it's mostly still cold and rainy, but when it isn't cloudy, it seem to be daylight pretty much all the time. We had people over on two occasions this weekend and both times got talking and didn't realize how late it was because it NEVER GETS DARK. And this morning the sun was shining cheerily at 4:30 and I could hear the birds and practically hear the morning saying "are you getting up yet?" Same thing at 5:30 and 6:30. Birds, sunshine, cheeriness. Thankfully it's Tuesday morning and not Monday, so I didn't have to hurt anyone.

At 7:30, I put in a request for Daniel to find a substitute adult to do the morning school run, gym visit, laundry and article that I have to work on today. He said that he didn't think there was such a thing and biked off to work. Leaving me with two children who do not speak English before 9 AM.  Seriously, I say things like "go put on your socks" and they just stare at me blankly, unsure what this word "socks" means.  And then they wander off and do something else entirely and my brain explodes. 

Oh! We went to the Caribbean last week! The trip went well.  Travel was long, but my kids are extraordinarily good travelers, as long as there are sufficient electronics. We had a red-eye out to Charlotte and the kids both slept, which was good. Then we had a 6 hour layover in Charlotte and plenty of time to eat breakfast and wander around and play and I don't remember what else. Then it was 4 hours to Providenciales, where we landed at one of the most rickety airports I've ever been in (and I've traveled quite a bit), but were soon whisked off to our hotel. And then spoiled rotten for 4 days.  We pretty much went from pool to restaurant to pool to beach to our room and repeated. I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I did when.  But it was great.

And then on the way home, our flight to Miami was delayed 2 hours coming in from Miami. And everything in the airport closed except 1 bar (not that there was much more than that to begin with), and when the flight finally got there, everyone who had been sitting for 5 hours in the tiny, un-air conditioned airport broke out into applause. And then we went to Miami and customs/immigration was kind of a mess but we got through and then the airline did a good job of rebooking all the passengers on new flights. Because we'd all had 2 hour connections, so a 2 hour delay + customs=missed flights.  So we spent a few hours in a hotel in the airport and then left early the next morning. 27 hours from leaving our hotel to arriving home. Still, worth it. 

Seriously, the ocean was a gorgeous aqua color and was warm and perfect for swimming in. And the sand was soft and beautiful and white.  So very beautiful there. My family all got nice and brown and I turned pink and now am back to pale, but they are all still tanned and summery looking. I will forgive them eventually. 

Anyway, so that's all that's going on here. Except for Vivian's 5th birthday party coming up on Saturday, which I am NOT thinking about because she is my tiny baby and who said she could be 5????

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