Friday, May 30, 2014

In which I debate drinking before 9 AM. Oh, and the school year just needs to end already.

Ethan keeps coming home and telling me exactly how many days are left in the school year. Which leads me to believe his teacher may be as excited about the end of the year as I am. 

This morning was fairly awful.  The only redeeming feature was that it took place on a Friday, so I don't have to do it again tomorrow.

7:40 AM. Daniel kisses me goodbye and cheerfully clomps down the stairs in his bike shoes and bikes off to work.  (Side note- yesterday he got up at 5:30, went to spinning class, came home, biked to work, then biked home after work. He also fell asleep on the couch at 8 PM.  This training for his big bike ride is making him less than interesting in the evenings.  Also, I am deeply suspicious of anyone who voluntarily exercises that much). 

7:41 AM. I get out of bed. Vivian whines at me and begs for one more snuggle. Oh, she's in my bed. Because she's started showing up there again at 3 AM. We do not have the energy to argue with her at 3 AM.  However, she is turning 5 on Sunday and takes up the majority of our bed, so something must be done. Eventually.

7:42 AM. I try to get Ethan to wake up, reminding him that today is the jog-a-thon at school and that he can take a stuffed animal to school. I tell him to be sure to not forget his stuffed animal.

7:45 AM Kids make it to the kitchen and stare at me blankly when I ask them what they would like for breakfast. I give them cheerios  and Vivian goes to get the yogurt. She pulls the yogurt out of the fridge and knocks over the carton of eggs. Fortunately, only one breaks, but I have to try to figure out how to get it out of the carton without making too much mess. Before drinking coffee. Kids stare at their breakfast in confusion, then finally begin to eat the cereal. One piece at a time.

7:46 AM. I drink as much coffee as I can in one gulp, take my vitamins and get Ethan's lunch out of the fridge. 

7:48 AM. I suggest to the children that they should maybe eat a little faster and go off to shower.

7:58 AM. I am showered and dressed. Kids have eaten a small fraction of their breakfast.  I again suggest eating more quickly. They stare at me blankly.

8 AM.  Time to end the misery of breakfast and get dressed. I remind Vivian that she has gymnastics today and needs to dress appropriately.  Ethan is told that he can wear any pair of shorts and short sleeved shirt. On my way to dry my hair, I remind them that they do not need to change their underwear, as it is still clean (they like to change at least 3 times per day, necessitating lots of laundry on my part). 

8:03 AM.  I am drying my hair and ignoring the fact that Ethan is yelling something at me from his bedroom. Trying to break the kids of the "screaming at mommy from the other side of the house" habit, as it is annoying and scares the neighbors. 

8:04 AM.  Ethan comes to see me in the bathroom, dressed only in underwear. He needs to inquire as to whether he should change his underwear. I assure him he does not.  He then leaves, only to return shortly afterward, asking what to wear (see 8 AM). 

8:06. Hallelujah! Ethan is dressed! And he manages to go get his lunchbox and put it in his backpack. And even gets his shoes on the right feet! I am a good mother after all!

8:07 AM. Vivian is still not dressed, but has pulled out a short dress to wear to gymnastics. Discuss the fact with her that she needs to wear leggings. There are no leggings in her drawer.  Convince her to wear shorts under her dress. Convince her that this is not going to ruin her fashionable outfit.  Convince her that no one will think the outfit looks funny.  Become deeply concerned about her teenage years. 

8:15. I have no idea what happened between 8:07 and 8:15.  Mornings are not my thing.  I can tell you, there was no coffee consumed. 

8:16 Kids at front door.  Ethan has backpack on and has managed to keep his shoes on. Vivian, however, is still putting on her socks. Then decides that her socks are on the wrong feet. And then one of them is backwards.  Have used up all negotiating power with the shorts, so just stand in entryway and feel tired.

8:20 We made it to the car!

8:25 We made it to the place where we park to walk the last block to school! I unhook Ethan's carseat and ask him to put on his jacket and backpack. Unhook Vivian. Ethan gets out of the car without his backpack. I try not to yell.  He stares at me blankly when I tell him to get his backpack, then finally figures out what I'm talking about. I frequently wonder if my kids speak English.

8:30 We made it to school! Am chatting with my friend and dreaming of the cup of coffee that I'm going to drink while Vivian and I wait for Ethan's class's turn in the jog-a-thon. 

8:35 Bell rings. Ethan goes in school. Coffee is close, I can feel it! My friend tells her daughter goodbye and reminds her that her stuffed animal is in her backpack. I refrain from swearing and drag Vivian quickly back to the car to get Ethan's stuffed animal.

8:45 Back at school with the stuffed animal.

8:50 Coffee! I drink a few gulps as we eat a breakfast sandwich. We then walk to the school playground to kill time while waiting for Ethan. 

9:00 I drop my 3/4 full cup of coffee, splattering it everywhere and losing its caffeinated goodness.  Refrain from swearing or crying, somehow.

I miss vacation.

In other news, have purchased store-bought cupcakes for the party tomorrow. Have decided firmly against treat bags. Am quality parent.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I need a substitute adult.

It's summer here in Seattle, which means that it's mostly still cold and rainy, but when it isn't cloudy, it seem to be daylight pretty much all the time. We had people over on two occasions this weekend and both times got talking and didn't realize how late it was because it NEVER GETS DARK. And this morning the sun was shining cheerily at 4:30 and I could hear the birds and practically hear the morning saying "are you getting up yet?" Same thing at 5:30 and 6:30. Birds, sunshine, cheeriness. Thankfully it's Tuesday morning and not Monday, so I didn't have to hurt anyone.

At 7:30, I put in a request for Daniel to find a substitute adult to do the morning school run, gym visit, laundry and article that I have to work on today. He said that he didn't think there was such a thing and biked off to work. Leaving me with two children who do not speak English before 9 AM.  Seriously, I say things like "go put on your socks" and they just stare at me blankly, unsure what this word "socks" means.  And then they wander off and do something else entirely and my brain explodes. 

Oh! We went to the Caribbean last week! The trip went well.  Travel was long, but my kids are extraordinarily good travelers, as long as there are sufficient electronics. We had a red-eye out to Charlotte and the kids both slept, which was good. Then we had a 6 hour layover in Charlotte and plenty of time to eat breakfast and wander around and play and I don't remember what else. Then it was 4 hours to Providenciales, where we landed at one of the most rickety airports I've ever been in (and I've traveled quite a bit), but were soon whisked off to our hotel. And then spoiled rotten for 4 days.  We pretty much went from pool to restaurant to pool to beach to our room and repeated. I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I did when.  But it was great.

And then on the way home, our flight to Miami was delayed 2 hours coming in from Miami. And everything in the airport closed except 1 bar (not that there was much more than that to begin with), and when the flight finally got there, everyone who had been sitting for 5 hours in the tiny, un-air conditioned airport broke out into applause. And then we went to Miami and customs/immigration was kind of a mess but we got through and then the airline did a good job of rebooking all the passengers on new flights. Because we'd all had 2 hour connections, so a 2 hour delay + customs=missed flights.  So we spent a few hours in a hotel in the airport and then left early the next morning. 27 hours from leaving our hotel to arriving home. Still, worth it. 

Seriously, the ocean was a gorgeous aqua color and was warm and perfect for swimming in. And the sand was soft and beautiful and white.  So very beautiful there. My family all got nice and brown and I turned pink and now am back to pale, but they are all still tanned and summery looking. I will forgive them eventually. 

Anyway, so that's all that's going on here. Except for Vivian's 5th birthday party coming up on Saturday, which I am NOT thinking about because she is my tiny baby and who said she could be 5????

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's apparently Thursday again

People. T?oday.  Ugh.

So, I dropped Vivian off at school this morning and mentioned in passing that she was upset about something a couple of other kids had said to her last week. A mean comment that they couldn't play with her because they didn't like her shoes.  And the teacher informed me that the issue wasn't just with Vivian, that these girls have formed sort of a mean girl clique and have even been speaking rudely to the new teachers.  These girls are 3 and 4 years old. My 4 year old is dealing with mean bullying behavior. 

Earlier this year we were having a playdate with one of the girls from Ethan's class and her mom mentioned that they were having popular girl issues and cliques in the kindergarten class and I was horrified to hear that mean girl behavior was going on with 5 year olds.  I just don't even know how to wrap my brain around the fact that it's even younger.  Horrified and heartbroken for my kids. 

Vivian's so sensitive already.  She told me last week that she would just play by herself at school and maybe follow the other girls around in case they decide they like her again.  How does a mom deal with that sort of comment? 

Today also has sucked on the Ethan front.  He randomly started limping again on Tuesday and it was bad enough that his physical therapist and school nurse called me Tuesday and then again yesterday. So I took him to the doctor today and she is mystified.  It's likely another bout of toxic synovitis, like he had 2 years ago. He's not in pain (but Ethan doesn't feel pain like a non-sensory kid would), but he's just walking oddly.  No 5K for him this weekend, which makes me sad, as I was looking forward to doing it with the family this year.

I really wish I could just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head today.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I am supposed to be doing things right now.

We went to Vancouver this weekend.  When we go for short visits, we do exactly the same thing every visit.  We arrive, we sit on the couch and wait for dinner time. Then we go to the same restaurant that we always go to and eat the same food with the same people. Then we go home and go to bed and get up and go to the same restaurant for dim sum the next morning. 

I'm supposed to be working on an article or editing photos for it or something. Or laundry. Or cleaning my house, since we were gone all weekend, off eating.  But it is Monday and I am sleepy and I don't want to. What I want to be doing is shopping for our big trip that is coming up, but I wont let myself do that until I have plane tickets in hand and I am waiting for the confirmation email from the PR person that is booking them and oh my goodness time is moving so slowly this morning.

Ethan randomly decided to sleep on the floor this weekend. At home he sleeps in a bunk bed with high sides and he puts blankets all around himself and calls them his blockers.  But at the grandparents' house, he usually sleeps on a mattress on the floor and we couldn't find enough pillows to make him feel safe, so he decided to sleep on the floor between a large piece of furniture and the big bed and pillows at his feet and head, and apparently that made him feel safe. He has some odd quirks. He's also afraid of stickers and bandaids. 

I need a nap.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday quick takes

1) Yesterday we went to the zoo to see the new cheetahs. The cheetahs did not get the memo that they were the stars of the show and just laid around in the grass at the very back of the exhibition and looked unamused by the whole thing.  I do love cats. 

2) It's 80 something here today.  Which means that I spend all of my time outside darting from one patch of shade to another.  I'm sure I look ridiculous. 

3) Most days I argue with Vivian about being appropriately dressed for the weather. She tends to want to wear sleeveless dresses and short skirts in the cold weather and has to have leggings and sweaters added on by me.  This week it's 80, so she dressed herself in long sleeves and leggings.  Of course.

4) It looks like Ethan is going to summer school this summer. Did you know they even HAVE summer school for kindergarteners?  I did not. Vivian goes to school through July already, so it doesn't affect any of our plans. And he is finally starting to make a tiny bit of progress, so they don't want him to revert backwards.  I just want him to get off level A books before I go completely insane from them. 

5)  Vivian now officially outweighs Ethan.  The poor kid is going to be still in a 5 point carseat when he learns to drive. 

6) Vivian is going through an old camera and is finding pictures of me and the kids and they are my tiny babies and so cute! Who turned them into grownup kids?

7) Speaking of kids, Vivian decided the other day to stop sucking her thumb.  And then she stopped.  Potty training was exactly the same way.  I just hope she keeps using her powers for good and not evil.