Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today I feel like my heart weighs 1000 pounds

I really hate Tuesdays. Especially rainy Tuesdays. No good ever comes of them.

I'm home alone today, supposedly working on a 10 page paper for school. On abortion policies and laws. So I get to read 50+ articles on that cheerful topic. And then write a letter to the death row inmate that I'm corresponding with this term.  Death policy as a class topic... not the most cheerful thing.  This semester is really hard for me. As someone who struggles with chronic depression, I tend to avoid unpleasant things. But our professor, rightly, wants us to see the "real" of the world, not just theories and policy as abstractions. 

And I'm watching Facebook and Twitter and the news as all hell breaks loose in the middle of Kyiv. I have friends there and love Ukraine and hate seeing death and fire and violence and total political uncertainty.

It's just now noon and I just want to be done with today and go to bed and pull the covers over my head and cry.

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