Friday, January 3, 2014

We survived Winter Break

People. Winter Break has been simultaneously a blur of activity and SO LONG at the same time. Finding ways for Ethan to use up his almost boundless energy has been a challenge, but at the same time we've had so much going on that we haven't managed to connect with any friends for playdates.  Last weekend was a whirlwind trip to Portland in which we visited 4 museums in one day, caught up with our friend and saw my grandmother and aunt and uncle as well.  Later this weekend we head to Canada to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Daniel's parents. Then it's back home to prepare for school.

I'm back in school as well on Monday and it should be an interesting term.  Less reading this term but more writing and more discussions online.  One of our papers is based around a semester-long correspondence that we are supposed to develop with several death row inmates (studying public policy and death policy this term).  I wrote my intro letters this week and am trying to figure out what exactly is appropriate second letter etiquette for this type of letter. 

We have an appointment at Children's Hospital this week for Ethan's medical issues and a meeting at school this week with all his people (therapists, nurse, teachers, special instruction people) to discuss all his other stuff, so that should be fairly depressing. 

But in good news, I finally got to see my niece again today and take these pictures:

Both of my kids did so well at sitting and holding the tiny baby. Vivian was terrified to move and was a trooper while we took pictures with multiple cameras and iPods and was happy to pass off Baby C when we were done.  Ethan said C made him itchy, but smiled better for this picture than most I get of him. I know all three kids are going to be great friends when C gets older. Seriously, I cannot believe that my kids were both tinier than C at birth and now they're real little people! Life is amazing...

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