Monday, January 13, 2014

Brain dump

1) January in Seattle. Possibly one of the most depressing places to hang out. It's not particularly cold. No snow or polar vortex. It's just grey, drizzly and I don't remember the last time we really saw the sun.  It's just energy-draining, no matter how much coffee you drink. I almost never nap and yet I fell asleep on the couch this morning while Vivian was watching a show.  Right now I am considering curling up on the floor under the dining room table and napping some more.  But the floor is dirty because I am too unmotivated to clean it, so possibly not.

2) Ethan went to school with his hair sticking up in about 15 different directions. I just couldn't bring myself to care.  Given the number of other disheveled kids and the number of families running to school after the first bell, it was about par for the course today.

3) The kids' room has no closets, so Vivian's dresses (of which there are MANY) have been hanging in Daniel's side of the wardrobe or on the back of the kids' door. This weekend we bought a mirror/clothes hanging combo thing at IKEA, so now the kids have a full-length mirror in their room. Vivian has been spending much time admiring herself in front of it.  Our stupid cat is convinced that there is now another cat in the house and freaks out whenever she walks past it.  Our smart cat already likes to sit on counters in front of bathroom mirrors and admire herself, so she falls into the pleased camp as well.

4) I'm wearing one of Vivian's pink princess crowns right now. It really seemed like the logical solution for this Monday.

5)  My grad school class is off to a rousing start. And by rousing I mean- all but three people appear to have dropped the class. Which makes group discussions very challenging.  I can only dispute my own point of views (points of view?) so many times. 

6) Daniel's new job is great and so  much less dramatic and stressful than his old job.  I'm so glad he made the switch. Even if he is now home at 5:30, requiring me to remember that dinner exists before 7 PM. 

7)  Football. This city has gone nuts.  There are flags and banners and last week one of the dads at Vivian's school colored his beard in Seahawks colors and I have no idea what's going to happen if they lose this week.  (See point #1 above.  Football is the only thing getting us through).

8) I need a nap.

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