Monday, December 16, 2013

Fairy princesses and frustrations

It's Monday again, and I'm supposed to be doing laundry or cleaning the floors or something. Which reminds me.  We were at Target on Saturday (bad decision! It's almost Christmas!) and I told Daniel I needed a new laundry bin for the kids' room.  I chose one that would fit in our tiny space, then Daniel piped up with the helpful comment: "That's not going to hold a week's worth of laundry!" Because he apparently thinks I do laundry only once per week. It's more like every other day, as someone is constantly throwing up on things or spilling on things and a certain little boy only has a few clothes that he'll wear without a fight.  I responded to Daniel by glaring at him and suggesting that he should start doing his own laundry if he was going to make statements like that. 

In related laundry news, Daniel's now dressing in business casual clothes for work, which means ironing! I haven't ironed since we moved in here a year ago and am not sure where the iron is.  I may just go buy him lots of new clothing instead.

Anyway, instead of doing laundry today, Vivian decided to run around and be a fairy princess and I decided to take lots of pictures and upload them everywhere.

Seriously. I am crazy about this little girl and am starting to worry about what I'm going to do when she goes to school next year. But then that makes me feel guilty, because right now is a challenging time with her brother and an easy time with her. Vivian loves to go places with me and when I'm busy she sits and reads books or colors. She wants to play dolls and help me with the laundry. When we drive in the car, she sits quietly in the back seat. She's just so easy to be around right now.

I keep thinking that I'm writing this blog post so that I can come back and laugh at myself in about 8 years. Because I am 150% certain that my view of my children and who is easiest will have totally flipped by then. Vivian is extremely opinionated and strong-willed, and I live in fear of her adolescence.  She already has this look on her face that she gives me sometimes that says "I let you win this one, old lady, but you just wait..."  Ethan on the other hand is relatively easygoing and loves to follow rules and please people. If he continues on this path, he'll be my easy kid in the next stage of life. 

But, Ethan is challenging right now. He's all boy. He wants to crash all his toys and sing at the top of his lungs and spend all of his free time playing "catch and crash into the furniture" up in the living room. He never, ever stops moving or talking and he is always loud.  And he is struggling so much at school, which makes me feel so overwhelmed and helpless. We were sitting in his IEP re-evaluation meeting last week and listening to specialist after specialist tell us how far behind he's falling and how tough he is finding everything. Not only has he not made progress (except for in one area) over the past three years, he's actually qualifying for even more help. And I am SO grateful he is, because when presented with the multitude of things that he needs help with, I just don't know where to start. Just getting him to eat and gain weight is overwhelming enough for me right now, without everything else piled on top.

But, my little boy is absolutely darling at the same time! He's such a sports fan- I'm finally finding a use for all of the sports knowledge that I accidentally collected in my brain, thanks to my dad and brother.  He is universally loved by every adult who meets him, because he is sweet and friendly and polite, even when he's refusing to do something.  He always has a smile on his face and he tries hard at the things he needs to work on.  He still wants to give me snuggles and hugs and kisses, whenever he has a free minute. 

Seriously, I'm still waiting for the real grown-ups to show up around here. I'm pretty sure I'm not mature enough or qualified enough for this parenthood stuff. 

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