Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A lot of my friends have been doing a daily thankful post on Facebook.  I prefer to reserve Facebook for random complaints about the existence of dinner or the loudness of my children.  But I'm feeling particularly thankful this afternoon, and since my Thanksgiving grocery shopping is done and the kids are out of school now for the Thanksgiving holiday, I declare it time for thankfulness.

This has been an absolutely insane, fast-moving, but great year. 

1) We were able to travel a ton this year. I love visiting new places by myself and with Daniel and the kids. We travel extraordinarily well together, so it's almost always a fun time. Thankful for my job that lets us explore so much!

2)  Health. Everyone remained relatively healthy this year, other than my lung infection in March. We shall  not do that again.

3) We are almost ready to celebrate the anniversary of moving into this house. It's been amazing to have more space and a quieter environment and to be walking distance to so many great neighborhoods. And it's just really pretty in this area. Right now I'm sitting in the dining room looking out at the trees and snowcapped mountains. Seriously, I'm spoiled.

4)  Daniel is starting a new job in a little less than two weeks. I'm actually more excited about it than he is :)  It was unexpected and everything just came together perfectly.  He's not been unhappy at his old job, but the commute is getting old. And now he's going to be working in Seattle, not on the Eastside- and working at my favorite company in the city- Seattle Children's Hospital! At last count, Ethan has been treated by something like 8 different departments at Children's.  The OT there is the one that figured out his sensory disorder and started us on the road to understanding that, and the GI department has been by our side and fighting with us through all of Ethan's refusal to eat and weight loss and feeding tubes and everything.  I can't think about that place without my heart brimming over with gratitude and appreciation, and now Daniel is going to be working there!

5) My kids.  They are such funny little people. I love that they are at an age where they can play together and have long conversations. And when I'm out with one of them, we can actually talk and have fun.  They're so interesting and silly and crazy (and loud) and I laugh at them and with them constantly.

6)  School.  I've been in school for so very, very many years, but for the first time I've found something that challenges me and inspires me and that fits exactly with my interests and strengths. It's sad that it took until my mid-30s to do that, but I'm so very glad I finally made my way here.  It's been a lot of work, but so rewarding as well.

7)  Still ridiculously spoiled by Daniel. He's always supportive and encouraging and wants me to chase my dreams.  And he's really cute too :)

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