Friday, October 25, 2013

Hey! We're still alive!

Last Sunday night we came home from a trip to the coast and fully unpacked. For the first time in months.  We've been on the go so much since July that we've just been leaving our suitcases semi-ready and standing in the corner of the room.  I've lost track of how many trips we've been on. It's been a blast, but we are so excited to be home and have nothing scheduled for this weekend!

School is trudging along for all of it. I'm really loving my class this term. It's a lot of reading and thinking, but I really am enjoying it immensely.  Vivian's preschool is going about the same as usual and she's even interacting more with the other kids.  Ethan loves kindergarten (mostly recess) and is making friends. But struggling mightily with learning stuff. He qualified for special reading help (no surprise there) and he still refuses to draw anything other than squiggles in his writing/drawing assignments.  I knew he would be behind the other kids, but it's discouraging to see him so far behind.

However, in a happy turn of events, it looks like my kids might have a fighting chance of being good at math! They both beg to do Ethan's math homework, would rather play their addition/subtraction game than anything else, and when we're in the car, they want me to ask them math problems constantly.  My brother is a math genius (really), and I'm decent at most math (although questioning the usefulness of most of the higher level math in real life) and Daniel's brother is also really good at math stuff. As I type this, I realize I don't have any idea where Daniel himself stands on math. Things that we haven't discussed in almost 10 years together... Anyway, it's nice to finally see something where Ethan just gets it without frustration on all parts.

Speaking of school- kindergarten is so much more time and money consuming than I ever imagined!  I had a co-worker at my science job who worked when her kids were little and then quit when they hit public school. I never understood that, but now I do. Volunteering and bringing/planning things could be a full-time job if you let it! Makes for a well-run class, so I'm grateful for the parents who step up and help out (cough, meaning, not me. At least not most of the time).

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