Thursday, September 5, 2013

I have freeeeedommmmmm!!!!

It's 8:45 AM.  It's pouring down rain and thundering/lightnining? Yesterday the kids wore shorts, today it's rainboots and raincoats. Whatever. I didn't have to do drop off this morning so rain gear is not my issue.  Even though it's dark and rainy, I'm smiling because I AM FREE!!! Until 1 PM, at least.  Both kids are off at school today (and will be gone at the same time every Tues and Thurs) and I HAVE A CAR!!! 

We've been a 1 car family for 7.5 years. And we made it work. Daniel bussed sometimes to work and the kids and I took buses a lot too. We're on a bus route, it's convenient and worked well. But now Ethan wants to play sports. And Vivian wants to take gymnastics classes. And we looked at each other one day and realized that we need a second car, if we don't want to spend all of our time figuring out who was going to have the car and where.

So Daniel did lots of research and found a car online and we picked it up last weekend when we were on a family trip (going to the area where the car was anyway!) and it's nice and comfy and even has a DVD player that the previous owners didn't know about. Seriously.

Now I can study in the quiet and run errands and see people and leave the house occasionally!

Oh, and Vivian went back to school today.  Same school as last year- new teacher, but one we already know well.  I'm in denial that she's going to kindergarten next year too.  This growing up stuff is ridiculous.

She wants to be a princess, a plane guy, a mommy and drive a car when she grows up.

My kids outfits speak the truth- Vivian is in princess gear and Ethan's shirt says "I have to win." Truth.

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