Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

I was sure that I was not going to be emotional on Ethan's first day of Kindergarten. SURE OF IT.  For one, I'm not a very emotional person.  And two, he's been riding a bus to school and going off into the great unknown for 2.5 years.  Kindergarten is nothing, right!

I cried this morning.  It started when we were walking from our car to school and I just kept thinking about taking him to daycare when he was 6 months old and wearing him in the baby carrier because I just wanted to be close to him. And then the other parents were tearing up when we were waiting outside the classroom. And THEN- the teacher made us sing "You Are My Sunshine" as a group before saying goodbye to the kids and that was that.

Ethan hasn't been too excited about school but he acted like a pro today.  I think kindergarten is going to be great for him.  And it's fun to have time with just Vivian again. And boy is it quiet in the house with him gone! I'm accomplishing things! But I do miss him.

It says "When I grow up, I want to drive the M&M NASCAR car and play all the sports."

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Elizabeth said...

THe teacher made you sing "You are my sunshine?" SERIOUSLY? HOW WAS EVERY PARENT THERE NOT LYING ON THE SIDEWALK SOBBING?!?!?