Monday, August 12, 2013

The 0.14th percentile

Ethan had his well child appointment today. He not only failed the hearing test (okay, so maybe he isn't just ignoring me?), but he actually weighed in 2 pounds LESS than last year.  And 1 pound less than in February.  He's now in the 0.14th percentile for weight.  7th percentile for height though, so that's good.  I'm dealing with the after effects of this appointment by eating lunch and continuing my march into the 1 trillionth percentile for weight.  DAMN IT.  We have to go back to Children's soon for yet another appointment with the GI clinic and I am so tired of all of this. It's been going on for four years now and we are worn out.

We've been using Ethan's feeding tube and he's been eating and drinking his supplement, but he is SO active and never ever stops moving and burns off all of the calories that he takes in.  I need to infuse him with some of my slothlike behavior of late.

The weekend at my grandmother's was mostly good. Hard emotionally and weird to help take care of my grandmother in such a personal way.  I was able to do one night of the caretaking and my aunt got a full night's sleep, which made the trip worth it. And we were there with lots of relatives to celebrate grandma/my great aunt's birthday yesterday.

Oh, and also, my BABY TURNED SIX!!! Please someone tell me how that happened!

Ethan at six is funny and loves everyone. He's never met a stranger and loves peppering new acquaintances with questions about their favorite colors and sports teams.  He also is fond of saying "what's your number?" which means "how old are you?", but comes across very differently sometimes! He loves every sport in the entire world and his life goal is to win American Ninja Warrior and be a Seattle Mariner when he grows up.  I love this little kid that made me a mom- he's such a blessing to us.

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