Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My next free weekend is in 2015

Back in June my grandmother fell and broke her leg. She was in rehab for a while, then came home and my aunt has been managing her care.  I really should have gone down before, but between travel and the whole family getting absolutely leveled by the worst stomach bug of all times, I haven't gotten my act together and gone down there.

But this weekend is her birthday (Ethan's as well- Grandma's first comment when I called to tell her about Ethan, was to say "couldn't you have waited another 2 hours so he was born on my birthday?"  Given that we'd been trying to evict him for a solid week (failed induction! Fun!), I let her know that that wasn't actually possible), so the kids and I are heading down on Friday to help out and celebrate.

She made some comment today about me helping out with the cooking, which proves that the medications have gotten to her, since I am a product of her family and am therefore a terrible cook.  We have a long tradition of the women in the family being terrible cooks.  We'd really rather just read a book.  So that should be interesting.

I'm glad to be going down, although I am a little discouraged lately about her getting older and Daniel's parents really starting to age.  Heck, Daniel's going to be closer to 50 than 40 after his birthday next month.  I'm still not ready to be a grown up, much less a middle-aged one. 

School starts for me in just under two weeks, so that'll be fun to add back into the mix. Along with having various travel plans and family in town every weekend until Ethan and Vivian head back to school in September.  I'm being as slothful as possible in the interim.  I try to only accomplish one task per day. Don't want to strain myself :)

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