Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm putting my pajamas back on in 3 hours

I did not fall into the lake last Friday.  I also didn't leave the marina with my kayak.  Instead I paddled around a bit near the big fancy boats for a while and then spent an equivalent amount of time trying to haul my not-so-small self out of the kayak without falling into the lake. Then I quickly returned the paddle and life vest to the bell staff at the hotel and went for a lovely walk.  Walking is my thing. I did ride a bike yesterday and only fell off once and managed to fall into a large bush, so didn't get hurt. Given that I hadn't been on a bike in about 20 years, I view that as a success. Admittedly, I did walk the bike a lot, but it's still progress.

We just got home last night from three back to back trips.  Two work trips on each end with a family visit in the middle. And it was all really fun and great to escape from real life. But this little introvert is wrung out.  Being around people non-stop and having to be "on" for a week straight pretty much used up all of the energy that I have.  I am picking up Vivian from school in 2 hours (yes, she's STILL in school!) and then we have a few errands to run and then I am putting  my pajamas back on and staying in them until Saturday late afternoon.  It's good to have goals, right :)

In other news, how cute are my kids?

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mona said...

your kids are so cute!! I want to hug them!