Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turning four

I've spent the majority of the past week trying to convince Vivian that she is not allowed to turn 4 and be a big girl.  How exactly did my baby get to be 4 without me noticing?  And why does she act and speak like a 14 year old?  And why am I not skinny yet?  (Actually, I can answer that last one).

I was telling Daniel the other day that it seems like it's taking forever to get Ethan to kindergarten age, but now all of a sudden Vivian's just a year from that herself.  Crazy.  Oh, and poor second kid.

So, Vivian at 4.  She's a darling little girl that loves to take care of people and her dolls. She's very nurturing and worries about others all the time. And she totally micromanages pretty much everything in our home.  She also spends a lot of the time "taking care" of the cat, who actually has no need of being taken care of and who in turn spends most of her time looking at me sadly or hiding from Vivian.  Vivian is thriving in her preschool and learning so many things so quickly.  She hates groups and is never happier than when she arrives at the playground and sees that it's empty. "Mommy! There's no one at this park! It's wonderful, actually!"  (Most sentences end or begin with the word "actually").

She has recently (finally!) started sleeping in her own bed most of the time, but her favorite thing to do is to have a sleepover in her brother's big bunk bed and share books with him and giggle at stories they make up.  She's a morning girl and loves getting up early to have breakfast with Daddy (Mommy and Ethan are not morning people).

I love spending time with this little girl. Whether it's over a cup of hot chocolate at the coffee shop or walking down the street holding hands and discussing flowers and school and fluffy skirts, she always makes me smile. I'm blessed to be Vivian's mom.

With her birthday crown :)

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