Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I think it's Wednesday. Not entirely sure, since Ethan's on summer break and Vivian didn't have school yesterday for some random reason and I haven't combed my hair since Sunday morning. I am not kidding about that last one. Not even a little bit. I also haven't put on makeup since Sunday morning (I always wear at least some makeup, so that's huge!)

I have finished up a huge project that I've been working on for Trekaroo, one that's been on my schedule since January and has been lurking in the back of  my mind and now it's done! And I can not worry about that now and I don't start school again for two more months and so I can turn off my brain completely now.

In not good news, my grandmother fell this morning and broke her leg and it's apparently a bad break and I don't know much more than that yet, but I'd appreciate prayers for her.  We were down visiting her this past weekend and I was just telling my mom how well Grandma seemed to be doing and then this. It's just not good. 

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