Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I think it's Wednesday. Not entirely sure, since Ethan's on summer break and Vivian didn't have school yesterday for some random reason and I haven't combed my hair since Sunday morning. I am not kidding about that last one. Not even a little bit. I also haven't put on makeup since Sunday morning (I always wear at least some makeup, so that's huge!)

I have finished up a huge project that I've been working on for Trekaroo, one that's been on my schedule since January and has been lurking in the back of  my mind and now it's done! And I can not worry about that now and I don't start school again for two more months and so I can turn off my brain completely now.

In not good news, my grandmother fell this morning and broke her leg and it's apparently a bad break and I don't know much more than that yet, but I'd appreciate prayers for her.  We were down visiting her this past weekend and I was just telling my mom how well Grandma seemed to be doing and then this. It's just not good. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My teeny tiny baby is now a kindergartener

Ethan takes after me in his approach to mornings- he prefers to avoid them if at all possible. Lately Daniel and he have been playing a game where Daniel scoops him out of bed and calls him his "teeny tiny baby" and rocks him like a baby and then everyone laughs and the day begins.

My teeny tiny baby finished preschool today.  Everyone sniffled through the party at his school.  These kids have been through so much already in their short lives- most of us are all too familiar with therapists and doctors and Children's Hospital.  And everyone has come so far, thanks to the amazing teachers and therapists and school.  We were all proud of our kids and sad to be moving on at the same time. 

I knew I was going to be emotional about this whole thing, but I didn't expect the amount of emotion I've been feeling. Yes, I've been sending my kid away on a school bus to preschool for 3 years now, but kindergarten still seems strange and just so grown up.

I actually cried at the park today when a bunch of middle school boys ran past and they were just so loud and telling off color jokes and I wanted to wrap my teeny tiny baby up and run away to "stay-a-preschooler-forever" land.  I'm definitely not taking the hugs and hand-holdings for granted anymore. I know there aren't too many days where he will walk to a park holding my hand left in my life.  STOP GROWING UP ALREADY!!!

I need to put my overtired self to bed now. 

February 2011

June 13, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Only nine days of preschool to go

My little guy is finishing up preschool next Thursday.  I'm not too worried about kindergarten in September- I think he's ready and he will have an IEP for at least the first part of the year, which will help with the transition.

But next Thursday I have to say goodbye to his teacher and his therapists at school.  These people came into my life at one of my lowest points. Ethan had been tested the previous fall and diagnosed with a whole host of developmental issues.  Oh, and that was also when his eating issues were at their most severe and he was going through testing at Children's and there was so much unknown.  And we'd finally decided to try a NG tube to get calories in him.  So he started preschool with that in his nose and taped to his face and everytime I saw him my heart broke a little.

Then he started school and suddenly our life was filled with knowledgeable people who soon came to love our son and fight for him to catch up and manage his problems.  And 2 1/2 years later he's getting ready to enter a mainstream kindergarten class. Several of his other classmates didn't even talk a few years ago in those early days at preschool- one of them growled and licked adults.  They're all chatting up a storm now- and the growling kid is a polite, verbal, funny little boy.  The girl who used a walker and had braces on her legs runs along side the others in their preschool races.  It's been nothing short of amazing to see these kids blossom at school.

Next Thursday we have to say goodbye to these kids that have been part of Ethan's life (they come from all over Seattle and all bussed to school and will be attending different kindergartens) and the teachers and staff that have done nothing short of working miracles and who have encouraged me when parenting a special needs child got hard.  I'm afraid I might break my no-crying rule. I don't see how it can be avoided.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turning four

I've spent the majority of the past week trying to convince Vivian that she is not allowed to turn 4 and be a big girl.  How exactly did my baby get to be 4 without me noticing?  And why does she act and speak like a 14 year old?  And why am I not skinny yet?  (Actually, I can answer that last one).

I was telling Daniel the other day that it seems like it's taking forever to get Ethan to kindergarten age, but now all of a sudden Vivian's just a year from that herself.  Crazy.  Oh, and poor second kid.

So, Vivian at 4.  She's a darling little girl that loves to take care of people and her dolls. She's very nurturing and worries about others all the time. And she totally micromanages pretty much everything in our home.  She also spends a lot of the time "taking care" of the cat, who actually has no need of being taken care of and who in turn spends most of her time looking at me sadly or hiding from Vivian.  Vivian is thriving in her preschool and learning so many things so quickly.  She hates groups and is never happier than when she arrives at the playground and sees that it's empty. "Mommy! There's no one at this park! It's wonderful, actually!"  (Most sentences end or begin with the word "actually").

She has recently (finally!) started sleeping in her own bed most of the time, but her favorite thing to do is to have a sleepover in her brother's big bunk bed and share books with him and giggle at stories they make up.  She's a morning girl and loves getting up early to have breakfast with Daddy (Mommy and Ethan are not morning people).

I love spending time with this little girl. Whether it's over a cup of hot chocolate at the coffee shop or walking down the street holding hands and discussing flowers and school and fluffy skirts, she always makes me smile. I'm blessed to be Vivian's mom.

With her birthday crown :)