Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lost cats, scratched up kids and piles of laundry

So I went to California last week and it was sunny and warm (downright hot in the desert) and filled with palm trees and I had a great time.  This trip was even busier than usual- our short day was a 14 hour one from leaving one hotel to checking in to another one. I didn't even turn on my computer for three straight days.  So I really didn't have time to miss the kids or Daniel.  But I was happy to return to them on Monday night.  Even though Vivian had apparently fallen in the backyard and her legs were all covered with scratches. And Ethan's face was scratched from some altercation at school. Oh, and his friend had hit him in the face with a ball and popped the lenses out of my glasses.

Oh, and then there was the first night of  my trip when I was getting a tour of a gorgeous oceanfront resort (I SO need to become independently wealthy...) and Daniel called to tell  me that my cat had gotten out. Given the fact that the cat had escaped in Seattle and I was in California at the time, I'm not sure what my role was in this.  Fortunately he found her after about an hour of searching.  She has recently decided that it's vitally important that she become an outdoor cat and spends a great deal of her time trying out how to make this happen, so I wasn't upset at him for her escaping. Calling to tell me before he found her, that I could have done without. 

After I was filled in on all that went on while I was gone, I accused Daniel of trying to make me think that he couldn't handle things at home so that I wouldn't travel anymore. I also informed him that his plan had not worked. Although I am planning to stay home for the near future.

I'm feeling a little panicky today in general, because press trips generate a lot of work to do once I'm home and then the laundry is piled up and it's the day that I need to pay the bills and ha! I have a whole review blog that I haven't done anything for in ages! And Vivian wants a sandwich. No wait! She wants noodles! No wait! She wants me to update her toy that requires being connected to the internet. Is it too early for a drink? (Yes, yes it is.)

As usual, my solution to the massive list is to not do any of  it and instead browse the internet to see what I missed while being mostly offline during my trip.  Makes total sense, right?

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