Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raise your hand if you have a beautiful face!

I'm good at a lot of things, but I fail completely at anything involving creativity. I have none.  At all. So when my kids and I play games, they tend to be pretty basic.  Take our favorite game to play in the car, for example.  It's called "Big house, little house".  And it consists of looking out the window and yelling "big house!" or "little house!". Or if we're feeling REALLY wild, we'll also yell "tree!".  I am not even remotely kidding.  Fortunately, the kids find this game to be hysterical, so I can continue lacking creativity for a bit longer.

The other favorite game that we play constantly is called "raise your hand if..."  It's a marvelous distraction for the kids. Again, it consists of things like "raise your hand if you're in the house!" or "raise your hand if you're eating breakfast!"  The kids could play it for hours.  But yesterday Vivian caught me offguard with the game. 

So, we were sitting at the table, eating lunch and playing "raise your hand".  And we did lots of silly questions, and then Vivian piped up with "raise your hand if you have a beautiful face".  And I didn't raise my hand, and after looking at me, neither did she. Motherhood FAIL. 

I don't consider myself beautiful. Vaguely cute is the best I can aspire to, especially lately.  I don't believe that even Daniel finds me to be beautiful. Maybe the kids do, because they don't know any better. But I don't want Vivian to think that way about herself, and my actions influence her.  Raising girls is hard.

I was actually talking about daughters with two different friends yesterday, and we all agreed that girls present a unique challenge.  I think we feel like we should understand them because we're all female, but we don't.  And they develop such personalities so young.  And these are the easy years with girls and I'm already pretty much totally lost.  Sigh.

In other news, I went to a book reading/Q&A thingy last night and was in this massive hall stuffed full of book nerds and I felt cool for the first time in my life.  My people! Except for the ones who murmured with excitement about the prospect of an upcoming biography of Woodrow Wilson.  I'm far cooler than them :)

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