Monday, April 1, 2013

Please bring back the sunshine!

We had some AMAZING weather here in Seattle for the past 4 or 5 days. I don't remember how many, it all blurs together into a symphony of smiles and basking in the sun and being friendly to strangers (a sign that I'm seriously happy!) and taking pictures of cherry blossoms and breathing in the blue sky and warmth. 

And today is not that nice, but it's not raining and it's Monday anyway so whatever.

And I am WELL AGAIN!!!!! All that's left of three weeks of coughing and taking piles of medications is a little twinge in my side from my pulled muscle.  Oh, and sore legs, because I did a ton of walking Friday and Saturday, and I haven't hardly moved from the couch all month, so things like walking up our hill about did me in.  But I'm feeling good again! 5 weeks until my next 5K, so I need to be well and get busy with training.

We had a nice Easter weekend.  Daniel's parents came down, which meant I could largely ignore the kids.  And they all went out on Saturday to go to Costco, Walmart and dim sum, and I dislike all of those things, so I stayed home and worked on a paper for grad school.  It was hard to be inside working on a paper about human rights abuses with blue sky and sunshine outside, but I have to finish the paper early since I'm going to San Antonio the week it's due. 

And Sunday was lovely with Easter baskets and a  great worship service at church and dim sum lunch (I can't escape!) and the kids playing in their new wading pool, since it was a scorching 65 degrees outside. And then Daniel and I fed the kids and then escaped to our little balcony and sat and chatted and ate a yummy dinner and it was all perfection.

Now, please turn the sunshine back on.

Happy Easter!

My tiny little guy on stage singing on Easter. He's not the youngest one up there.  Welcome to mommy and daddy's world, short stuff.

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