Monday, April 8, 2013

In which I suffer some sort of psychotic break and interact with nature

Last week I was waiting for Ethan's bus and looking at the yard and thinking that I didn't like some of the plants. And then it dawned on me that we own this yard and I could change things.  So after the bus came, Vivian and I headed to the store and loaded up the cart with plants and planting stuff.

And she happily dug in the dirt and helped me plant and I wore gloves and managed to not interact with the dirt too much and the yard looks great.  For now.  I am death to plants, so there's a good chance it wont last long. I still can't believe that I voluntarily went outside and got that close to nature.

Speaking of outside. We had some insane rain this weekend and it was cold and my kids spent the whole time begging to play outside.  Sixth generation Northwesterners have a very different concept of good weather to be outside in than normal people.

Oh, and we sold Vivian's toddler bed! The last baby-related gear is gone!  She's still not sleeping in her own bed though. She's actually been sleeping at the bottom of Ethan's bed. The bed is long and they are short, so they both fit comfortably.  We are having an ant issue in their room right now, but after that's dealt with, we're really hoping that she'll transition to her own big mattress.  But when she tells me that she asks to sleep with me in the middle of the night because she's lonely and she loves me, it's awfully hard to say no. 

In other news. TWO WEEKS LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER.  I cannot wait.  I am so ready to not have to think every day. Although my old job did ask if I'd be willing to pick up some work for them.  They wanted me right away and I said I couldn't until May, so we'll see if that follows through.  And we'll see if there's any science brain left in my head. 

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