Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In which I come thiclose to forgetting to send my son to school today

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, freakishly early for a press trip to San Antonio.  You can be a little jealous.  San Antonio sounds fabulous and I will be having fun.  (Note- I promise, press trips are definitely work. I'm not going off on vacation, my days are scheduled by someone else for 14 hours at a time.  But it is the best work ever.  I'll accept that.)

So I got up this morning and had a snuggle with the kids and then the cat came in and was yelling at us about getting her treats and we didn't respond in a manner she approved of, so she wet on the bed. That we were lying in.  I actually appreciate it when things like this happen the day before I am leaving. Makes it easier to leave.  Vivian decided to bite Ethan today too, so she's doing her part.

And then I was trying to pack myself and wash the sheets and figure out what  I was missing from my suitcase. And get the kids stuff organized so that Daniel doesn't have to deal with too much while he works from home with them underfoot. And I was writing schedules down for school pickups and drop offs and suggestions for lunches and dinners.  I even told Ethan he could wear a shirt today that he's not allowed to wear out in public. And I didn't comb my hair after my shower, or put on makeup (I always wear at least a little makeup).

Then I made the kids lunch and sent them off to sit outside and was making my lunch. Then it finally dawned on me that Ethan had school today too! And the bus would be here in 10 minutes.  So then we kicked it into high speed and made it outside with enough time for a short baseball game.  Whew. 

So now I'm almost packed and the to-do list is almost checked off. 

On another note, can I say how very, very much I love having two preschoolers?  I can sit and have conversations with them (definitely Vivian more than Ethan. He usually has a pressing need to go find something to crash).  And they play together so well, making up games and silly scenarios.  They have been pretending to be zoo animals a lot lately. I'm never quite sure what to expect when I go upstairs.  They laugh together and fight like crazy and hit and bite and at the end of the day, they beg to both be able to sleep in Ethan's big bed.  Separating them is about the biggest punishment that I can apply to them (most of the time).  It makes that whole two kids under 2 thing that we went through back in 2009 totally worth it! I think I might actually miss them a little faster than usual this trip.

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