Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Summer Vacation to me!

I actually got out of school for my summer break on Friday.  Which, coincidentally, was the last day of my kids' Spring Break.  East Coast school and semesters adds up to early escape for me!  And the sun is shining today and it's lovely, so I'm feeling very summery.

We're not outside though, because I'm catching up with the many, many small tasks that I've been letting slide since Spring Break.  Just minor things like balancing the checkbook :)  Oh, and SO MUCH LAUNDRY.  Not that I've been putting laundry off since Spring Break. But the pile is big enough that that would be believable.

I'm also working on packing, because I'm off to San Antonio to attend Fiesta! on Thursday.  San Antonio has been on my wish list for ages, so I'm super excited.  And Daniel, my fabulous husband, is going to juggle things here and work from home and manage all the kids stuff. He's never actually been home alone with them overnight- his parents usually come down when I'm gone.  But I typically pretend to be allergic to all the kids' bedtime routines, so he manages that all anyway.  Oh, and nothing ever fazes him, so he'll be fine. They probably wont even notice that I'm gone. 

Vivian's begging to go to the playground, so I should stop wasting time and get out in the sunshine. She asks to go, even though I warned her that there will be other kids at the playground, and she is, as a rule, against going to the playground when there are other children around. She is SO my kid :)

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