Friday, March 15, 2013

The lost week

Oh my goodness. This week.  Is a giant blur of kleenex and lying on the couch and coughing and I am SO tired of being sick. I do not do sick well. I hate being unproductive and I really hate feeling rotten.

And my husband? The best.  Tuesday and Thursday he got up, took Vivian to preschool, drove the 20 miles to work, left work at lunchtime, picked up Vivian to bring her home, and then drove BACK to the office. He did that twice.  He also missed two hours of work today to take Ethan to sports class when Vivian woke up sick this morning and it was clear that she couldn't go.  He's put up with undone laundry, uncooked meals, dirty bathrooms and much whining from me.  I would not have been one millionth as gracious and kind if the situation was reversed.  Without him and fairly self-sufficient kids, I don't know what I would have done.

Seriously. Do not catch this cold. It is awful.

In other news, getting a lot of shows on Netflix watched when I've been feeling well enough to open my eyes.  I've recently discovered Drop Dead Diva, which I love. And which has been educating me on the importance of wearing well tailored clothing if one is "less than thin" (as I put it). 

And in other, other news, Vivian has learned how to put DVDs in and out of the player and start her shows on her own.  So I guess the week was a success after all!

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