Friday, March 1, 2013

Note to self. It will get done.

I've decided that I'm no longer looking forward to kindergarten next year. The kids play so well together when they're both home (right now they're pretending to play soccer upstairs- Sounders versus Chelsea, and are marching around the living room in snow boots), and it dawned on me that it'll just be Vivian and I most of the time once Ethan starts school full-time in September.  Oh, and Ethan prefers to not wake up before 9:30, so that's going to be fun when he has to be at school before 8:30. 

So, yesterday was a preschool day for both kids and those are pretty much a loss to me in terms of productivity, because I spend the day waiting for buses and picking kids up and stuff like that. I'd hoped to work on my paper in the afternoon, but instead ended up taking my furbaby to the vet for bloodtests. Turns  out her kidneys have declined since October and she's lost more weight. It's not kidney failure yet, but we have to give her special food and bring her in for bloodwork every 6 months. Oh, and give her antacids 2 times per day. That'll be fun.  But hopefully she'll stick around for a while yet.

The vet appointment took over my afternoon and sucked the last bit of emotional stability that I had left.  I got a message from a friend in the afternoon suggesting a meetup (with cake!) that evening but I just wanted to go to bed. Also turned down a suggestion from Daniel that we go out to eat. I've never done that before.  I was in bed by 7, eating mint oreos (so good!) and watching shows on my PBS app- (love Market Warriors!).

But then today was better and I got things done. Daniel, after THREE hours at the ENT and being told that there was nothing wrong with his ears and he just is going to have allergies forever (whee!), made it home to take the kids to their last sports class of the session. It was parent participation day and having me participate may have scarred the kids forever, so I'm thankfully he took them.  And I got my paper done and then got it mostly edited this afternoon so I'm on Spring Break! I don't have to use my brain again for 10 days! Love grad school, but definitely love the breaks as well.

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