Sunday, March 24, 2013

My birthday is looming

My birthday is on Thursday.  Which is fairly exciting because I do love presents. Daniel gave me my big present already (a new chandelier for the dining room) and installed it on Friday night and it looks fabulous. Yesterday he cleaned all of our many floors as a gift. Today he did everything with the kids while I laid on the couch. Because I AM STILL sick. 

I went to the doctor under protest on Thursday because Daniel was really tired of hearing me whine about feeling bad and he was starting to look a little deranged when I kept saying that I didn't want to go.  I like my doctor, but rarely go. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics and so don't see the point of going in for routine illnesses.  I was sure that she'd say it was just a cold.  Instead I ended up on a nebulizer because my lung function was so bad.  So she gave me an inhaler and oral steroids and had me schedule a follow-up for Saturday. 

The inhaler and steroids didn't work, and my lung function got worse, so Saturday earned me another breathing treatment. And a chest x-ray.Which was a little inconclusive, so the doctor decided to go ahead and start treating me for  pneumonia too.  I have enough medications on my counter to open my own pharmacy.  But hopefully something will start working soon because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY. 

Oh, and while I was in the doctor's office getting all these treatments and prescriptions, my parking expired and I got a parking ticket. Not happy birthday to me. :(  But I'm just counting it as part of the medical bills that will be coming in soon from this week's adventures in medicine.  

I'm going to be old, in case you were wondering.  This is the last year that I can pull off "mid-30s" and not "late 30s".  But that's why it's handy to be married to someone 10 years older.  I always have someone around to make me feel young. 

In other news, one more month until grad school is done for the school year. It's been fun, but I am so ready for summer vacation.  

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