Thursday, March 28, 2013

In which I am old. And not interested in eating birthday cake.

Okay, so at what point am I going to start feeling like a grown up?  Seriously, I keep waiting for it to happen, but my brain still isn't having it. I keep waiting for someone to expose me as a fraud. 

So... it's my birthday.  So far the excitement has included lots of birthday hugs and kisses (good!) and laundry (boo!).  My in-laws are coming tomorrow night, so I need to get ready for that.  This is clearly going to be a wild and crazy birthday.

I am feeling better though, which is nice.  Except for the muscle I pulled while coughing (I told you, OLD!).  Daniel slept funny last night and his neck was hurting this morning and my back/side muscle hurts, so trying to kiss each other goodbye in the car this morning when I dropped him at the bus stop was pretty funny looking. 

And in a sign that I've clearly gone insane, I'm actually not that interested in going to the store and buying cake for tonight. It just doesn't sound that exciting. But I suspect that there are some preschoolers in my house who are much more interested in cake and who will punish me if I skip it :)

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