Thursday, March 28, 2013

In which I am old. And not interested in eating birthday cake.

Okay, so at what point am I going to start feeling like a grown up?  Seriously, I keep waiting for it to happen, but my brain still isn't having it. I keep waiting for someone to expose me as a fraud. 

So... it's my birthday.  So far the excitement has included lots of birthday hugs and kisses (good!) and laundry (boo!).  My in-laws are coming tomorrow night, so I need to get ready for that.  This is clearly going to be a wild and crazy birthday.

I am feeling better though, which is nice.  Except for the muscle I pulled while coughing (I told you, OLD!).  Daniel slept funny last night and his neck was hurting this morning and my back/side muscle hurts, so trying to kiss each other goodbye in the car this morning when I dropped him at the bus stop was pretty funny looking. 

And in a sign that I've clearly gone insane, I'm actually not that interested in going to the store and buying cake for tonight. It just doesn't sound that exciting. But I suspect that there are some preschoolers in my house who are much more interested in cake and who will punish me if I skip it :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My birthday is looming

My birthday is on Thursday.  Which is fairly exciting because I do love presents. Daniel gave me my big present already (a new chandelier for the dining room) and installed it on Friday night and it looks fabulous. Yesterday he cleaned all of our many floors as a gift. Today he did everything with the kids while I laid on the couch. Because I AM STILL sick. 

I went to the doctor under protest on Thursday because Daniel was really tired of hearing me whine about feeling bad and he was starting to look a little deranged when I kept saying that I didn't want to go.  I like my doctor, but rarely go. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics and so don't see the point of going in for routine illnesses.  I was sure that she'd say it was just a cold.  Instead I ended up on a nebulizer because my lung function was so bad.  So she gave me an inhaler and oral steroids and had me schedule a follow-up for Saturday. 

The inhaler and steroids didn't work, and my lung function got worse, so Saturday earned me another breathing treatment. And a chest x-ray.Which was a little inconclusive, so the doctor decided to go ahead and start treating me for  pneumonia too.  I have enough medications on my counter to open my own pharmacy.  But hopefully something will start working soon because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY. 

Oh, and while I was in the doctor's office getting all these treatments and prescriptions, my parking expired and I got a parking ticket. Not happy birthday to me. :(  But I'm just counting it as part of the medical bills that will be coming in soon from this week's adventures in medicine.  

I'm going to be old, in case you were wondering.  This is the last year that I can pull off "mid-30s" and not "late 30s".  But that's why it's handy to be married to someone 10 years older.  I always have someone around to make me feel young. 

In other news, one more month until grad school is done for the school year. It's been fun, but I am so ready for summer vacation.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

The lost week

Oh my goodness. This week.  Is a giant blur of kleenex and lying on the couch and coughing and I am SO tired of being sick. I do not do sick well. I hate being unproductive and I really hate feeling rotten.

And my husband? The best.  Tuesday and Thursday he got up, took Vivian to preschool, drove the 20 miles to work, left work at lunchtime, picked up Vivian to bring her home, and then drove BACK to the office. He did that twice.  He also missed two hours of work today to take Ethan to sports class when Vivian woke up sick this morning and it was clear that she couldn't go.  He's put up with undone laundry, uncooked meals, dirty bathrooms and much whining from me.  I would not have been one millionth as gracious and kind if the situation was reversed.  Without him and fairly self-sufficient kids, I don't know what I would have done.

Seriously. Do not catch this cold. It is awful.

In other news, getting a lot of shows on Netflix watched when I've been feeling well enough to open my eyes.  I've recently discovered Drop Dead Diva, which I love. And which has been educating me on the importance of wearing well tailored clothing if one is "less than thin" (as I put it). 

And in other, other news, Vivian has learned how to put DVDs in and out of the player and start her shows on her own.  So I guess the week was a success after all!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Would someone please explain to me how it is March already

I'm on spring break this week.  My first one in 10 years. And sadly, I'm about as boring on spring break as I was when I was younger.  So far my activities have consisted of doing laundry and watching TV on my iPod. WILD AND CRAZY!

Seriously. March? The 5th? I totally missed January and February somehow. 

The best thing about March is, of course, my birthday.  And since I was born in the year of the snake and this is again the year of the snake, I managed to convince Daniel that I deserve an extra special present (and I declared that since he is Chinese and the animal year thing is also Chinese, I was totally right). I love presents and spend months counting down to my birthday. I think he's giving in to me on this one. Especially since he wants a car for his birthday in September. 

In other news, 5 1/2 years into this parenting thing, I have FINALLY figured out a discipline system that works on Ethan. I don't like to spank my kids because I have a temper and I don't think it's a good idea.  And timeouts don't work on him because he just sits there and daydreams and could care less that it's supposed to be a punishment.  Same thing with being sent to his room. And he has too many toys to care if he doesn't have one in particular. And I'm not going to take away TV time because that would probably do me in. So I've been trying to figure this out for a while and FINALLY realized that Ethan a) loves sports and b) is the most competitive person I've met, other than my brother.  So I originally printed out these score cards, but then I got lazy and just started arbitrarily assigning him points for things or taking them away for misbehavior. And Ethan is obsessed with this, especially the idea of beating his sister. And it totally completely works.  His teacher overheard me assigning him points at school and she's started doing it too.

I know this wont work too much longer because Ethan will eventually learn to count and will also realize that Mommy is making the whole thing up and doesn't actually remember how many points he has.  DO NOT TEACH MY KID TO COUNT (actually, he can count, he just has trouble understanding what's a bigger and smaller number).  That's going on the list with telling time.  Skills that they don't need for a long time yet. 

And the other beauty of this system is that Vivian does not care one little bit (she's too busy plotting my overthrow as benevolent dictator of the house), so she's totally not bothered when Ethan has more points than her and so it's a win-win.

In other, other news, Ethan and I were out way late last night at a screening of Oz the Great and Powerful (review to come on the other blog soon, but go see it!) and he was up late and Vivian was at home with Daniel and also ended up staying up late and now she's napping.  I WIN AGAIN!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Note to self. It will get done.

I've decided that I'm no longer looking forward to kindergarten next year. The kids play so well together when they're both home (right now they're pretending to play soccer upstairs- Sounders versus Chelsea, and are marching around the living room in snow boots), and it dawned on me that it'll just be Vivian and I most of the time once Ethan starts school full-time in September.  Oh, and Ethan prefers to not wake up before 9:30, so that's going to be fun when he has to be at school before 8:30. 

So, yesterday was a preschool day for both kids and those are pretty much a loss to me in terms of productivity, because I spend the day waiting for buses and picking kids up and stuff like that. I'd hoped to work on my paper in the afternoon, but instead ended up taking my furbaby to the vet for bloodtests. Turns  out her kidneys have declined since October and she's lost more weight. It's not kidney failure yet, but we have to give her special food and bring her in for bloodwork every 6 months. Oh, and give her antacids 2 times per day. That'll be fun.  But hopefully she'll stick around for a while yet.

The vet appointment took over my afternoon and sucked the last bit of emotional stability that I had left.  I got a message from a friend in the afternoon suggesting a meetup (with cake!) that evening but I just wanted to go to bed. Also turned down a suggestion from Daniel that we go out to eat. I've never done that before.  I was in bed by 7, eating mint oreos (so good!) and watching shows on my PBS app- (love Market Warriors!).

But then today was better and I got things done. Daniel, after THREE hours at the ENT and being told that there was nothing wrong with his ears and he just is going to have allergies forever (whee!), made it home to take the kids to their last sports class of the session. It was parent participation day and having me participate may have scarred the kids forever, so I'm thankfully he took them.  And I got my paper done and then got it mostly edited this afternoon so I'm on Spring Break! I don't have to use my brain again for 10 days! Love grad school, but definitely love the breaks as well.