Monday, February 25, 2013


It's our seventh wedding anniversary today- happy anniversary to us! With every passing year I grow more and more concerned with Daniel's sanity.  No sane person would have married me, much less stuck by me as I grew progressively older and crazier.  He's definitely a keeper. 

Last weekend we did our annual photo at the spot where we got married. Wedding through 4th anniversary at this post.  Too lazy to repost them. Years 5-7 below.

A few observations can be made from these pictures. 1) Last year was a bad year for my kids, haircut-wise. 2) Ethan's glasses are much better than his old ones. 3) My husband does not age. And still has most of the clothes in the pictures from 6 years ago. And wears them. 4) These photos are a sad documentation of me getting fatter every year. Would like to reverse that particular trend.   Still, love having all of these photos up to look at- it's such a fun way to remember our great wedding day.

Today is our actual anniversary and Daniel and I have so far celebrated by trying to hug in bed with Vivian in between us (she's mostly not sleeping with us but has had a couple of rough nights lately), then briefly passed in the kitchen before he left for work.  But we did get to go out last night (hurray for grandparents and free babysitting!) and had a nice weekend last weekend when my parents and the kids were gone. So we feel well celebrated. 

Still can't believe it's been 7 years.  Last year in particular was nuts- we were talking last night and decided that our goal for this year was to just try to establish some sort of routines. Back in January 2012 we had no idea that in 2012 we would: go to Iceland, go to Disneyland, I would go to Quebec, I would start working as a travel writer, and we had NO idea that we would end the year in a new home.  We spent the last year constantly trying to find our feet in new situations and this year can go ahead and be a little calmer. And we also, of course, made the usual goal about date nights.  Which we REALLY need to do. We always feel so much better about everything when we do get some time just the two of us, but we forget that when we get busy and stressed.  MUST REMEMBER! 

Anyway, so, happy anniversary to the best thing that's ever happened to me. Do not come to your senses anytime soon ;)

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